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Dog Sleeping Habits


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Dogs sleep a lot. According to AKC, dogs can spend half their day napping. That number is higher for older dogs and larger breed dogs. Not all dogs doze off in the same way, however. We surveyed over 53,000 owners who’ve tested their dogs with us to see what their bedtime habits are.


Where do dogs sleep?

dog sleeping habits infographic sleep in bed


The question of letting the dog onto the bed splits owners almost down the middle. Some people may think that letting a dog into bed may lead to worse sleep quality. A study in 2017 found that wasn’t quite the case, however. People who let their dogs in bed still showed signs of satisfactory sleep efficiency.

Sharing the bed with a pup can have a lot of other benefits, too, like reducing stress and promoting theta brainwaves.



Dogs who spin before lying down

dog sleeping habits infographic spinning


Most of the dogs surveyed spin some amount before plopping down. Where does this behavior come from, though? VCA Hospitals share a few possible origins for pre-sleep spins, including the instinct dogs have to make their bed in the wild: “To make their sleeping quarters more comfortable, dogs pat down tall grass and move prickly underbrush and stickers before lying down. They root out rocks and fallen tree branches. In colder climates, dogs circle to reposition snow banks.”



Dogs who dig before lying down

dog sleeping habits infographic digging


Digging can also be tied back to natural instincts in dogs to make a comfortable den for themselves. It isn’t as frequent as spinning, however, and certain breeds have a higher affinity for it because of their digging history.



Which positions dogs sleep in

dog sleeping habits infographic positions


It turns out the position they lie in can say a lot about how a dog is feeling. Dogs who lie on their stomach are ready to spring into action and play while dogs who lie on their back are comfortable (and maybe trying to cool off).


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two dogs sleeping together

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