Slovensky Cuvac

Slovensky Cuvac

Quick Facts Height Male: 25-28in Female: 25-28in Weight Male: 36-44lb Female: 31-37lb Fun Fact Slovac Cuvacs were famous for protection sheep from wolves. When the wolf populations in Europe began to drastically dwindle in the 1800s and 1900’s, they almost became obsolete. Thanks to Slovac Cuvac lovers, these dogs were saved from extinction. Are you…

Illustration courtesy of the Swedish Kennel Club

About this Breed

The Slovak Cuvac is a handsome white dog from Slovakia. Bred a few hundred years ago to guard and herd sheep, Slovak Cuvacs are well-suited to the Slovakian mountains and have plush coats, sturdy legs, and stocky constitutions.

The mountain people of Slovakia, who were industrious and freedom loving people, have lived in those mountains for hundreds and hundreds of years. They selectively bred Slovak Cuvacs to be the perfect companion to assist them with their daily activities, which included guarding livestock both on the homestead and out in the fields. They were specifically bred to be solid white in color because it was easy to see them at night and easy to discern them from wolves and other canine predators.

While written records of the Slovak Cuvac have been dated to the 17th century, they were relatively unknown outside of the mountain regions until the past hundred years or so. Over the years, people who came to the mountains for vacation fell in love with the beautiful white mountain breed and began bringing them down to mainland Slovakia, where the enjoyed new levels of popularity.

They are still relatively rare in the United States. They are not at all suited to apartment or city living due to their size, history, and exercise requirements, and will be happiest in a ranch or a rural farm home. They thrive on work and will happily spend hours outside doing whatever task you ask of them. If you have sheep for them to protect and her, all the better! Even without sheep, though, they still need a good deal of physical activity and will need at least a decent amount of land to run on. They are generally very good with other dogs and pets, especially large animals like horses or llamas, and they absolutely adore children. They are gentle and patient with kids and will consider them a part of the family from the get-go. They will also protect children in the same way they protect livestock, and so are very trustworthy. Because they are technically a guardian breed, they are often wary of strangers and will need be taught from a young age to differentiate between guest and intruder.

If you live on a farm and have livestock that needs guarding, the Slovac Cuvac will make a fine addition to your family. Even if you just live in the suburbs and love the look of the Slovac Cuvac, you’ll be able to get away with owning one if you give them enough exercise and enough land to roam. With the right home environment, these tough mountain dogs make loving and gentle pets.

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