Find out what makes your dog so unique. Embark dog DNA tests deliver science-backed insights about your dog’s breed ancestry, genetic health risks, traits, and relatives, so you can give them the best possible care.

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Meet your dog's relatives

The Embark Relative Finder shows that Dixie and Diego are immediate family, as related as human siblings.

Meet your dog's relatives

Embark offers the world’s first canine Relative Finder, which uses patented technology to find your dog’s family members based on their shared DNA.

Did you know that 90% of dogs tested with Embark have at least one dog in our database as genetically related as human first cousins? The Relative Finder gives you the option to connect with your dog’s extended family, start a chat, or schedule a playdate.

Embark relative reunion stories have been featured in The Dodo, People, Newsweek, The Guardian, and other publications.

  • World’s first canine DNA Relative Finder
  • Included with every Embark Breed + Health and Breed ID Test
  • 676,380+ messages exchanged
  • Countless happy reunions

Find your dog’s relatives

Customer stories

Go to "Vardis Reunites With His Long-Lost Sister, Brunch" article

Vardis Reunites With His Long-Lost Sister, Brunch

Vardis, a sweet-faced rescue pup, had spent most of his life in shelters and foster homes as he waited for his forever family. Along the way, with the help of an Embark dog DNA test, Vardis reunited with a special someone—his long-lost sister, Brunch. Their heartwarming reunion story appeared in The Dodo, People, and The...

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Go to "Embark Test Reveals Diego and Companion Dixie Are Siblings" article

Embark Test Reveals Diego and Companion Dixie Are Siblings

What would you do if you found out your beloved pup would eventually become blind? When Jane Flanders Salazar did an Embark dog DNA test for her dog Diego, she learned that he had two copies of a genetic variant that meant he would eventually lose his eyesight. As reported in Newsweek, Jane rescued a...

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Go to "Senior Pup Siblings Reunite" article

Senior Pup Siblings Reunite

Meet 12-year-old siblings, Allie and Cooper. These two gorgeous pups have lived their whole lives only an hour away from each other in Michigan…but their parents had no idea until Allie and Cooper used Embark dog DNA tests and explored our Relative Finder tool, revealing their nearby family members. Meet Allie Allie got her Embark...

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Uncover genetic health risks

Embark health results that say ‘We found 1 health result you should learn about: MDR1 Drug Sensitivity’

Uncover genetic health risks

Be proactive about your dog’s health with Embark. We test for 250+ genetic health risks—more than any other dog DNA test on the market. Knowing if your dog is at higher risk for certain health conditions means you can intervene earlier and work with your veterinarian to create a personalized care plan.

For example, did you know that some dogs have a genetic variant that makes them sensitive to certain drugs? Knowing if your dog has this drug sensitivity can help them avoid bad reactions to medication.

Genetic testing can also give you and your veterinarian actionable health information that influences how your vet personalizes your dog’s diagnostic, monitoring, or treatment plan.

  • Screen for 250+ genetic health risks
  • Easily send your dog’s results to your vet
  • Receive personalized care tips based on your dog’s DNA

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Customer stories

Go to "How a Dog DNA Test Helped Save Molly’s Life" article

How a Dog DNA Test Helped Save Molly’s Life

When she brought Molly to the veterinarian for a regular physical exam, Sue Benner didn’t expect to find a genetic health risk. That surprise finding may have saved Molly’s life. Sue took Molly, her 4-month old purebred Keeshond puppy, to see Dr. Sharon Minninger at Telford Veterinary Hospital in Souderton, Pennsylvania for a physical examination...

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Go to "How Dog DNA Testing Helps Willie Nelson Prevent Kidney Stones" article

How Dog DNA Testing Helps Willie Nelson Prevent Kidney Stones

When Julana and her husband adopted Willie Nelson, they suspected he was 100% German Shepherd Dog, due to his black and tan coat pattern. But as he got older, they noticed that his size was smaller than they expected for a German Shepherd. They decided to use an Embark dog DNA test to find out...

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Go to "Embark Customer Stories: The Winston Family" article

Embark Customer Stories: The Winston Family

When Winston came home to his new pet parents Griff and Laurel, he was a 50-pound bundle of sweetness and energy. A one-year-old rescue dog from Tennessee, Winston’s personality was immediately apparent—but wasn’t as clear as his breed, his background, and his health profile. That’s why Griff and Laurel turned to Embark. Earlier this year,...

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Discover your dog’s breed ancestry

A white dog with breed results saying ‘44.7% Siberian Husky, 39.6% Labrador Retriever, 5.3% Samoyed, and 10.4% Supermutt’

Discover your dog’s breed ancestry

Every dog is different. Discover the unique story behind your dog by unraveling their genetic ancestry.

Get a full breakdown of your dog’s breed mix, track their ancestry, and see their family tree all the way back to their great-grandparents.

Did you know? Embark found that the top three most common breeds in mixed-breed dogs are: American Pit Bull Terrier, German Shepherd Dog, and Labrador Retriever.

  • Screens for 350+ breeds
  • Includes dingoes, coyotes, wolves, and village dogs
  • Generates a unique breed reveal experience for your dog

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Customer stories

Go to "Bernyk’s Breed Reveal" article

Bernyk’s Breed Reveal

100% of online guesses got this wrong! As his Instagram handle suggests, Bernyk looks like a Yellow Labrador or Golden Retriever. Are you surprised to find out that, genetically, he is 50% Poodle? So are we! Bernyk’s dominant breed is 50.0% Poodle, followed by 39.6% Labrador Retriever and 10.4% Golden Retriever. That means that one...

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Go to "Delilah’s Breed Reveal" article

Delilah’s Breed Reveal

This adorable cookies and cream puppy mystery sparked many guesses across our social media. The guesses were as mixed as Delilah’s coat and now the wait is over!  Embark Breed ID Results Another puppy mystery solved. Delilah’s dominant breed is 38.9% American Pit Bull Terrier followed by 17.3% Pomeranian, 16.2% Australian Cattle Dog and 10.5%...

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Go to "“Mason Mason” Rescues His Rescue Family" article

“Mason Mason” Rescues His Rescue Family

It’s not a typo—Mason Mason is an adventurous dog who has trekked across 100+ miles of nature trails. Camping, kayaking, backpacking in the snow… he’s done it all. Even more importantly, this all-weather rescue pup brought love and healing to the Mason family during a time of need. Why did you Embark Mason? Mason is...

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Decode physical traits

A dog with trait results saying ‘Altitue Adaption: Normal altitude adaption, Shedding: Likely heavy/seasonal shedding, and Appetite: High food motivation’

Decode physical traits

You already know that your dog is one of a kind. Now, discover the science behind what makes them unique.

Get DNA insights about your dog’s estimated size, shedding, appetite, or other physical traits that can shape how you care for them and plan for their future.

Embark tests for 35+ traits, including:

  • Coat color and other coat traits, such as furnishings, shedding, and curls
  • Body size and other body features, such as eye color, muzzle length, and muscling
  • Physical performance
  • Genetic diversity

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Customer stories

MC1R: The “Batman” gene

This gene, which determines if a dog can develop dark hair at all, can also give a dog a black “mask” or “widow’s peak.”

POMC: The “munchies” gene

Some dogs, especially Labrador Retrievers, have a variant of this gene associated with high food motivation.

ALX4: The “blue eyes” gene

In a published discovery, Embark scientists found that a variant in this gene explains why some dogs have blue eyes.

Over 1.5 million dogs have been Embarked.

They’ve had their breed mixes decoded, their genetic health screened, and their ancestry mapped. Our customers love what they learn with Embark — and they love knowing that they’re helping drive new discoveries in canine health!

When you choose Embark, you're getting the best and most complete canine genetic health test results.

You’re supporting the work of veterinarians and leading researchers in canine health.

And you're joining a community of dog lovers who are committed to a brighter future for all dogkind.

You might just end up getting the zoomies too!

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