Pembroke Welsh Corgi

Illustration courtesy of the Swedish Kennel Club

The Pembroke Welsh Corgi is a small, energetic, herding dog that is good with families.

Fun Fact

The Pembroke Welsh Corgi has been part of the British Royal Family for over 70 years. Queen Elizabeth the II has owned more than 30 corgis in her lifetime.

  • Pembroke Welsh Corgis at a glance

    Corgis are a strong and lively dog breed for herding. They are great house dogs, given that they have a small stature and make good companions. The Pembroke Welsh Corgi is easy to train and very loyal. They’re incredible watchdogs and can help keep your household safe with their bark, which typically sounds like it’s coming from a large dog. They are affectionate and love to follow their owners. They have a strong herding instinct that can at times encourage them to give chase and to nip at ankles. If you have a Pembroke Welsh Corgi or are thinking of welcoming this kind of dog into your home, this article will cover the breed's physical traits, exercise needs, and much more. You'll also find information on the genetic health risks Embark tests for that are particularly relevant to this breed.   corgi
  • About Pembroke Welsh Corgis

    The breed — originally bred to herd cattle — originates from Pembrokeshire, Wales, and according to legend, sprang from the lairs of elves and fairies. This mystical dog was said to have also carried fairies into battle and pull their carriages. The breed is descended from the Vallhund and is from the northern spitz dog line. The Corgi is the smallest dog in the herding group. The Pembroke Welsh Corgi is the twentieth most popular dog in the United States. In addition to the Pembroke Welsh Corgi, there's also a breed called the Cardigan Welsh Corgi.
  • Physical characteristics

    Corgis are built “long and low” and stand at about 10 or 12 inches at the shoulder. They typically weigh about 30 pounds and boast short strong legs and muscular thighs. The Pembroke Welsh Corgi often has a natural bobtail, that is, they are born without a tail! This is due to a mutation in the T gene
  • Nutrition

    A balanced diet is vital to your dog’s growth and health, according to the ASPCA, and portion control is key. Especially for this breed given their tendency to overeat. It’s okay to give your dog commercial pet foods, just be sure to read the label and ensure that what you’re buying is based on your dog’s caloric needs.  You should also keep in mind that a dog’s diet needs to be altered as they grow. A puppy should have a different diet than an adult or senior dog, and adult dogs should have a different diet than senior dogs.  
  • Playtime

    pembroke welsh corgi dog This breed tends to overeat, so regular exercise is very important. Corgis love physical activity and should exercise every day. With their short legs, it can be tough for them to go on a long run, but they would be great on a long walk! Your Corgi would love a job to do, so if you want to extend your playtime beyond a light jog or walk, hide one of their toys so they can hunt for it. Corgis love herding, obedience, tracking, and agility.
  • Grooming

    Corgis have a thick coat that is weatherproof. Their coat has two layers: a soft, light undercoat and a coarse outer coat. They need to be brushed every day and have extra baths during shedding season. You should trim your Corgis nails often and ensure that their ears are clean. embark corgis  
  • Health and aging for the Pembroke Welsh Corgi

    Corgis have a lifespan of about 11-13 years, according to PetMD. Your dog is considered a senior pup after turning 8. Make sure you’ve had your pup tested with Embark so you’re armed with as much information as possible to ensure your dog is healthy and to sidestep any preventable disease that may come your way.

    An Embark Dog DNA Test looks at the following health conditions in Pembroke Welsh Corgis:

  • Health Conditions

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