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Vizslas are hunting dogs that make for an excellent companion dog – particularly for those that can handle this breed’s high exercise needs.

Illustration courtesy of the Swedish Kennel Club

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Vizslas were bred in Hungary for both hunting and retrieving. This breed has a long history – with a chapter on falconry from the 14th century depicting a Vizsla-like dog. Vizslas were certainly a recognized breed by the 1800s, whose hunting skills were highly valued by owners. Breed numbers declined sharply during WWI, but survived to make their way to the US in the mid 20th century before being officially recognized by the AKC in 1960.

Today, the Vizsla is a great family dog, while still possessing their natural hunting instinct. Vizslas thrive on human interaction and being kept busy – so this breed requires both lot’s of attention and exercise. This is an affectionate dog that requires minimal grooming. Their coat sheds minimally and requires weekly brushing to remove any dead hair. This energetic dog ranks as the 32nd most popular breed.

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