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Genetics, Purebreds, and a Passion for Canine Health

Embark Veterinary may sound new to some when searching for a DNA testing provider, yet Embark represents decades of scientific knowledge and technical expertise, delivered through the latest technology platforms. 

Embark’s mission was created out of a lifelong passion for dogs by our founding team, who started Embark following a ten-year canine research initiative funded by Cornell University, the National Science Foundation, and National Geographic. Ryan and Adam Boyko studied dogs in 40+ countries across six continents; their work resulted in a new understanding of the origin and evolution of dogs, and unique insights into the impact of genetic diversity on canine health.

Ryan and Adam defined a vision to provide the best genetic testing available, combined with a means to power research for discoveries that will be meaningful and impactful to dog health and wellness. An integral part of this vision is exceptional customer service to help dog breeders interpret and apply the science of genetics to their own unique breeding programs. 

What does this mean to the dog breeder? This means that Embark strives to make DNA testing accessible, consequential, and affordable. Gone are the days of sending a swab to one lab for one result and another lab for another result with no simple means to track, manage or interpret beyond the single result. 

With one cheek swab and for one price, Embark Vet provides:

  • DNA test results relevant to your breed (identified by your breed club/Foundation/CHIC)
  • Coat color, coat type, and trait results
  • Collated report to send to OFA (online or PDF format)
  • ‘Sentinel Screening’ of genetic mutations not previously tested in your breed
  • Genetic coefficient of inbreeding reports (COI)
  • Tools to pre-evaluate mating pairs and predicted litter genetic health outcomes 
  • One-on-one results consultation with in-house veterinarian geneticists
  • Opportunities to participate in breed-specific research
  • Ownership of dog data (every Embark test includes a raw data download option) 

And this is only the beginning. Embark Vet is working closely with the breeder community to  continually enhance our services and benefits for breeders. Your feedback and insights matter as we work toward our goal of ending preventable disease in dogs, and we would love to hear from you. You know your dogs best and Embark Vet is committed to providing services that help you improve your breeding program and contribute to the long-term health and vitality of purebred dogs. 

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