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Customer Explores Dog DNA Results Through Art



Murdock’s Story

In early 2019, one of our customers received the results from their Dog DNA Breed + Health Kit. Shelby adopted Murdock through the OSPCA after his original owner abandoned him. With the help of Embark, Shelby was able to fill in the blanks about the missing genetic information of Murdock. Ultimately, Murdock was tested in order to discover exactly what breeds were mixed together to create this loveable pup and whether or not there were any health risks to be wary of. When the results were in, Murdock was found to be 50% American Bulldog, 14.7% Shetland Sheepdog, 12.6% Bluetick Coonhound, 11.3% Labrador Retriever, 11.4% Supermutt, and 100% adorable. 


The Art

According to Shelby, these results were a bit surprising and she really had to “squint to see” these breeds in her pup.  She told us that she “wondered if seeing [her] dog in different coats would change [her] perspective on his shape and other physical traits” and “wouldn’t it be nice if [she] could see what Murdock looks like in each of his breeds’ coats. With this new information and curiosity, Shelby decided to get creative. Using her tablet, wonderful artistic skills, and one of her favorite pictures, she created these images of what Murdock had the potential to look like based on our findings with the Dog DNA Breed + Health Kit. We got in touch with Shelby and decided to team up to create a monthly contest. Once a month, Shelby draws an Embarked dog based on their ancestors and our Facebook group members guess what the drawn dog’s breeds are. The winner gets their Embarked dog drawn next month! With that, we want to say a big thank you to Shelby and Murdock for sharing their story, and talent, with us to play this monthly guessing game. 



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