Armenian Gampr

Illustration courtesy of the Swedish Kennel Club

The Armenian Gampr is an ancient, working livestock guardian dog originally bred in the southern Caucasus Mountains. The Gampr is considered a landrace rather than a breed with a closed population; they are genetically diverse with an emphasis on function rather than form. There are several regional variants of the Gampr.

Fun Fact

The guarding behavior of the Armenian Gampr is all instinctual-- dogs require little to no training in order to be a good flock dog.

  • About the Armenian Gampr

    The Armenian Gampr can more accurately be described as a landrace than a breed. For most of their history, these dogs were not bred to any set of written standards. Instead, they were bred based on their working ability as livestock guardians, and many were also free-breeding like village dogs from around the world. Over time these dogs started looking and acting a certain way due to artificial and natural selective pressures. Like other large livestock guardian breeds and landraces, the Armenian Gampr is not a dog for the faint of heart. These dogs take a serious approach to their job, and must be allowed to work.
  • Health Conditions

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