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Quiz: What Breed of Dog Am I?


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Is there a dog inside of you waiting to be discovered? Do you think you’ve spent SO much time with your dog that you might become them? Every dog owner wonders what it’s like to be a dog. Imagine rolling around in the grass, meeting some furry friends, and napping all day long. Sounds like a nice worry-free life of treats and relaxation to me. At Embark, we love dogs and often imagine filling our whole office with them. So we were curious: If I was a dog, what breed would I be?

Some owners are just like their dogs, and others are not. This quiz will reveal if you and your dog are as similar as your thought or if you share some distinct differences. Maybe you own a large breed, but at heart, you’re just a little guy! You never know what your results will be.

From big to small, athletic to lazy, and chic to casual — this quiz has it all. We are passionate about dogs and know you are too! Don’t forget to share your puptastic results on social media!

Quiz: What Breed of Dog Am I?

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