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QUIZ: Which Famous Christmas Movie Dog Are You?


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The weeks before Christmas are a perfect time to begin watching all your favorite holiday movies with your family and friends. No matter where you celebrate the holiday season, it’s a wonderful opportunity to revisit old favorites while visiting with parents, siblings, cousins, and grandparents.

Even if we happen to discover a new holiday movie, we’ve found that each Christmas the classics still bring us tons of joy and this might be true for you and your family as well.

Whether you’re like us and you’ve always watched the same five movies year after year, or you’re always looking for something new, we’ve created this fun quiz that lets you discover which famous Christmas movie dog you are! Are you a lovable Snoopy? A tricky Beethoven? Or perhaps you’re loyal Max, companion to The Grinch! Click through this quiz to find out!

QUIZ: Which Christmas Movie Dog Are You?

It makes sense that so many feel-good movies feature dogs! They truly make the holiday season feel even cozier. Are you interested in getting your pup tested this year? Embark with us today to discover your pup’s breed mix and to test for over 170 genetic health conditions.

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