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Why Do So Many Breeds Have Chow Chow Ancestry?


Many dog owners are surprised to see ancestry from this breed

Sometimes chow ancestry appears in the dog you’d least suspect.

Many people are surprised to learn their dog has some Chow Chow ancestry. Why are Chows common in mixed breeds and uncommon as purebreds? Learn more about this common breed result with Embark’s Chief Science Officer, Dr. Adam Boyko.

Casey Ehrlich Scientist

Casey Ehrlich, MS is a Research Associate at Embark Veterinary, where she facilitates scientific discovery through research initiatives. After getting a bachelor's degree in Biology, she attended Syracuse University where she earned an M.S. in Biomedical Forensic Science. Her training in DNA analysis and pathology has served her well at Embark, and she loves working for a company that has her learning something new every day.

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