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Dog Breed Reveal Party Ideas


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It’s almost time for the big reveal! Just a few short weeks ago, you sent in your swab from the Embark Dog DNA Kit. You’ve been dying to know if Gunner’s part Aussie or Border Collie or where Luna gets those cute webbed feet — and soon all your questions will be answered.

Check Out a Few of Embark’s Favorite Reveals

One of the best parts of learning more about your dog is sharing that knowledge with your family and friends (and other curious dog lovers). Here are a few breed reveals that have really stuck with us:

  • Bentley’s pet parents made a hilarious video with some great tunes.
  • Delilah’s cookies and cream face stole our hearts.
  • We surveyed our followers and 100% guessed Bernyk’s #1 breed incorrectly. Find out what makes him so mysterious.

Get Your Breed Reveal Featured with Embark

There are lots of ways to share your Embark results — you can tag us on Instagram, TikTok, and Facebook and use the hashtags #EmbarkVet, #EmbarkWithUs, or #EmbarkBigReveal.

Did you find a cool or creative way to share your Embark results? Post some pictures and let us know! Every month we’ll pick our favorite reveal and feature it for our followers.

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How to Plan the Perfect Results Party

If you want to make sure your two- and four-legged friends are in on the fun, plan a dog breed reveal party! Watching happy dogs hang out is a guaranteed good time, but there are some ways to make your party even more memorable. Here are some tips to help your guests get their wag on!

Idea #1: Break out the pawty playlist.

Human’s best friend gets a nod from musical artists across genres, from Three Dog Night and the Pet Shop Boys to Snoop Dog and Pitbull. Or pay homage to the rest of the animal kingdom and add in artists like Echo and the Bunnymen or Stray Cats. Cue “Born to Be Wild” and get ready to cut loose. Still searching for the right beat? Take this quiz to find your dog’s party song.


Idea #2: Play for the win.

Invite (human) guests to predict the breed breakdown on a big poster board, but keep the competition going with a dog-themed trivia or “Jeopardy” party. (Suggested categories include: Presidential Pups, Literary Hounds, Beasts of the Big Screen.)

Idea #3: Make a meet-cute storyboard.

There’s no time like a breed reveal party for a little love fest. Whether you fell for your best buddy at the local shelter or found her online and knew she was the one, tell the world what you know of her backstory (be sure to include then-and-now pics!) and invite guests to add their own stories to the board.

Idea #4: Serve a smorgasbord of dog-friendly treats.

Fill your house with dog-friendly treats and snacks for all the canine party animals. Not sure what food is right for your pup? Check out our guide on safe fruits for dogs, what nuts your dogs can and can’t eat, and whether your dog should have human treats like popcorn.

Hot tip: Make sure your whole party is safe for pets. Choose rubber chew toys over balloons (they pop!) and baby carrots over anything chocolate. Refill those water bowls — and bottles for the humans — to help guests stay hydrated. And if a guest overdoes it, remember accidents happen to the best of us, so keep cleanup spray handy, too.

Idea #5: Share the joy.

Let your favorite rescue organization in on the celebration. You can set up a donation jar at the party, link to an organization’s Wish List in your invite or make a gift in your dog’s name to a breed-specific rescue group when you learn his ancestry. Have you had your pup tested yet? A simple swab gets you comprehensive insights into your dog’s breed, health, and traits. Get to know your best friend even better with Embark!

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