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How to Throw a Dog Breed Reveal Party


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You got an Embark Dog DNA Test, sent in your dog’s sample, and waited to find out their mystery breed mix—and now it’s time for the big reveal! Share the joy by inviting friends and family to join the celebration with a dog breed reveal party. Here are our tips to help make your dog’s breed reveal party one to remember—for you and for them.

How to plan the perfect breed reveal party for your dog

One of the best parts of learning more about your dog is sharing that knowledge with your family and friends (and other curious dog lovers). Here’s our party planning checklist to help you get your dog’s breed reveal party off to a great start:

  1. Choose a theme
  2. Pick the venue
  3. Make the guest list
  4. Plan games and activities
  5. Create a dog-friendly menu
  6. Break out the pawty playlist

When it comes to the big DNA reveal, you could create a slideshow, order a custom cake with your dog’s breed mix, or something else! If you’d rather be surprised at the big reveal, ask a friend or family member to help with the reveal part of the party. Just skip the pyrotechnics — fireworks aren’t dog friendly and can cause safety hazards.

Get your dog’s breed reveal party featured by Embark

There are many ways to share your Embark results—you can tag us on Instagram, TikTok, and Facebook and use the hashtag #EmbarkVet.

Did you find a cool or creative way to share your Embark results? Post some pictures and let us know! Every month we’ll pick our favorite reveal and feature it for our followers.

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Choosing a venue for your dog’s breed reveal party

When deciding on the venue for your breed reveal party, consider the guest list. Are you inviting humans only or dogs too? You could invite everyone to your home, or to the local dog park. If you’re planning a large party for dogs and their humans, why not reserve a dog-friendly space? Check with your local dog daycare center or dog park to see if they offer event space.

Dog breed reveal party games

Start the festivities with a Guess the Breed game. Ask your guests to take turns guessing your dog’s breed mix. You can play Guess the Breed directly from your dog’s Embark profile or set up your own game. All you need is your dog’s Embark results, either printed out or on a screen. Cover up the breeds in their breed mix and ask guests to submit their guesses before the big DNA reveal. Closest guess wins a prize!

A poster board showing the breed mix of a dog named Goudacris, with the breeds covered up to invite people to guess the breeds that make up this dog.

After asking your (human) guests to predict your dog’s breed breakdown, keep the competition going with a dog-themed trivia or “Jeopardy” party. Suggested categories include: Presidential Pups, Literary Hounds, and Beasts of the Big Screen.

Another well-loved party activity is a meet-cute storyboard. Whether you fell for your best buddy at the local shelter or found them online and knew they were the one, tell the world what you know about their backstory with then-and-now photos. Invite guests to add their own stories to the board.

Dog breed reveal party menu

Fill your house with delicious snacks for your human guests and dog-friendly treats for the canine party animals. Cupcakes (and pupcakes) are always a good choice for parties. You can even make some homemade dog treats for your canine guests. Remember to refill water bowls for the dogs and have beverages on hand for the humans to help everyone stay hydrated.

If you know your dog’s DNA results already, you could even customize the snacks according to their breeds, with each dish hinting at a country of origin. Part Schnauzer? Serve a German potato salad. Part American Foxhound? Make it a barbecue, with hamburgers and apple pie.

Not sure which human foods are safe for dogs? Check out our guide on safe fruits for dogs, what nuts your dogs can and can’t eat, and whether your dog can enjoy human treats like popcorn.

Safety tips for a dog breed reveal party

Make sure your whole party is safe for pets. Choose rubber chew toys over balloons (they pop!) and stay away from chocolate desserts. If a guest overdoes it, remember accidents happen to the best of us, so keep cleanup spray handy, too.

Give back to your local shelter

Let your favorite rescue organization in on the celebration. You can set up a donation jar at the party, link to an organization’s Wish List in your invitation, or make a gift in your dog’s name to a breed-specific rescue group when you learn their ancestry. 

Check out some Embark breed reveals

Here are a few of our favorite breed reveals:

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  • Delilah’s cookies and cream face stole our hearts.
  • We surveyed our followers and 100% guessed Bernyk’s #1 breed incorrectly. Find out what makes him so mysterious.

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