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What Makes Embark the Best Dog DNA Test?


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While there are many companies out there claiming to have the best dog DNA test, only Embark offers the most scientifically advanced one. Our team is made up of scientists, veterinary geneticists, and other experts in the field who are all committed to helping dogs live their healthiest lives.

Keep reading to find out why Embark offers the best dog DNA test.

The best dog DNA test has advanced science

What makes Embark the best dog DNA test?

Embark Veterinary was founded by scientists and canine geneticists in collaboration with the Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine. Veterinarians helped develop our dog DNA test, so you can trust the expertise behind the results.

Embark is the only canine genetics company that uses a research-grade genotyping technology. The Embark dog DNA test is based on the Illumina CanineHD microarray, which has long been the leading research platform for dog genetics. Our dog DNA test analyzes 230,000 genetic markers. That’s more than twice as much genetic data as the competition. 

The best dog DNA test gives you accurate results

Twice as much genetic information also helps us give you accurate results. Embark uses the most accurate dog DNA test available, making it the best dog DNA test for those who want to have peace of mind in their dog’s results.

Our high accuracy and reliability give you results you can trust. As a genetic testing platform, microarrays are extremely accurate. Our microarray methods exceed industry quality control standards. That means that we have processes in place to prevent mix-ups and detect samples that come from the same dog. These quality control measures ensure that the same dog can’t be tested multiple times. (Some other technologies don’t have this same ability, which means errors can slip by undetected.)

Embark is the only dog DNA testing company that can accurately identify 350+ breeds, types, and varieties, including dingoes, coyotes, wolves, and village dogs. Our test accurately identifies more breeds and varieties than any other test on the market. Of the mixed-breed dogs we’ve analyzed, 80% had a breed contribution small enough that only Embark would catch it.

For more information about how we compare to other dog DNA testing companies, check out this comparison of Embark vs Wisdom Panel and see for yourself why Embark is different.

DNA insights help you keep your dog healthy

Dog DNA tests aren’t only useful for discovering your dog’s breed mix. A good dog DNA test also uncovers genetic health risks your dog might have or your dog’s carrier status for a health condition. With these health insights, you can work with your veterinarian to identify preventive steps and personalize your dog’s care with the medical plan that’s best for them.

Embark tests for 250+ genetic health risks that can affect many breeds. That list is always growing. Our expert team spends a lot of time studying the published scientific literature and identifying genetic variants that have been validated, which means that scientists agree that the genetic variant is truly associated with a disease.

Did you know? 3 in 4 dogs are either at risk for or a carrier of a genetic disease. And 61% of pet owners plan to adjust their dog’s routine or feel more prepared to be a good pet owner after testing with Embark. 

We strive to give you actionable health insights to help you give your dog the best possible care. If your dog’s Embark results identify a genetic health risk, our veterinary geneticists are here for you. They can help you understand what that risk means for your dog.

This genetic health information can impact mixed-breed dogs and purebred dogs alike. Certain health conditions can affect some breeds more than others, so it’s important to learn about the unique genetic health risks that might be relevant for your dog. 

Embark scientists and veterinary geneticists constantly review scientific research to learn more about genetic disease, new risk variants, and the breeds of dogs they affect. For a condition to be considered breed-relevant, our experts must have reviewed published research, or gathered enough data on dogs within the breed, to include in the breed-relevant category.

The best dog DNA test is trusted by experts

We’re not the only ones who think our dog DNA test is the best option on the market. Experts agree. 

Embark is widely recognized as the best dog DNA test for the quality and value of information you can get from a simple swab. The New York Times Wirecutter, Mashable, VICE, Canine Journal, and many more have chosen Embark.

  • The New York Times Wirecutter says that our “sizable breed database, wide array of inherited disease screenings, and reliable customer support” make Embark’s Breed + Health Kit the best dog DNA test. 
  • Popular Science ranked Embark as the best overall dog DNA test and the best for breed identification.
  • Mashable named Embark as their top choice for dog DNA tests: “You trust only the best for your fur baby, and Embark is nothing but praised by customers on Amazon. This is due to the fact that the people at Embark care about your dog just as much as you do.”
  • The Spruce Pets also awards the best overall dog DNA test title to Embark, noting that our veterinary geneticist team will reach out personally to go over any health conditions found in your dog’s Embark results. 
  • And Cosmopolitan ranked the Embark Breed + Health Kit as the best pet DNA test in the 2021 Pet Awards.

It’s not just these voices who rank Embark as the best dog DNA test. Expert breeders trust Embark to give them accurate answers and health insights about their puppy litters. That’s why Embark is the official dog DNA test of the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show. Embark is also the preferred dog DNA test of the National Dog Show, hosted by the Kennel Club of Philadelphia. 

The best dog DNA test has happy customers

Embark was found to be the most trusted dog DNA test based on a blind study of 2,000 dog owners. The Embark Breed + Health Kit is the highest-reviewed dog DNA test online (on leading consumer sites like

Don’t just take our word for it—see what our customers have to say.

Real quotes from real customers:

  • “Amazing service, I’ve never received such good customer support in my life! Great job! Really satisfied!”
  • “Embark has exceeded all my expectations! They are knowledgeable and respond quickly to any questions I have.”
  • “Embark went out of their way to explain the process and help me out with a problem I had. Thank you so much. Makes me feel so much more confident in the testing and getting reliable results for my little canine family members.”
  • “The best support you could ever get!”

Join our happy customers and get started with an Embark dog DNA test today.

The best dog DNA test powers discoveries

Because we use research-grade technology, Embark dog DNA tests can power genetic discoveries. Our scientists are hard at work doing genetic research, paving the way for discoveries that can benefit the health of all dogs.

What have we discovered so far? Just to name a few:

At Embark, our mission is to end preventable disease in dogs. We’re partnering with breed clubs, researchers, and veterinarians to uncover the genetic causes behind many canine health conditions. 

Embark helps you stay connected

Embark has the world’s first canine Relative Finder, using patented technology. When you use an Embark dog DNA test, we’ll show you your dog’s relatives, based on how much DNA they share. 90% of dogs tested with Embark will have at least one dog in our database as genetically related as human first cousins. Our Relative Finder has already led to many happy family reunions.

It’s not only about connecting you with other dog owners and long-lost relatives. We promise to stay connected with you, too. 

At Embark, we’re all dog lovers. Our customer service team and veterinary geneticists are here to help you understand your dog’s results. Highlighting Embark’s “stellar customer service,” Mashable said: “Embark makes it obvious that they want the best for your pet.” We couldn’t agree more. We’re always here to help.

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New research is always changing what we know about dog health. As scientists make discoveries, we update the genetic markers on our test so we can continue to offer you the latest and most relevant health information.

Find out what your dog’s DNA can tell you about them.

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