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  • Your dog’s breed breakdown.

    Kira is 76.5% German Shepherd, 13.5% Siberian Husky, and 100.0% Belgian Malinois
  • Whether your dog is at risk, a carrier, or clear of over 165 genetic health conditions.

    At risk for zero diseases; Carrier for one disease; and Clear for 165
  • A family tree, back to your pup’s great grandparents.

  • Your dog’s relatives – from close, to distant!

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Meet the Relatives

Our DNA test includes access to your dog's relatives with the world's only canine relative finder.

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Our devotion to dogs runs more than fur deep

When launching Embark in 2015, our founders made an important decision: That they would only offer the highest quality scientific test paired with top-notch service to our customers. If you try our test with your pup, you'll be glad that we made that decision.

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Most Accurate

Only Embark looks at 200K genetic markers to put together the pieces of your dog’s puzzle.

Science Worth Wagging About

Every dog we test contributes to our mission of ending preventable disease in dogs.

All That and a Bag of Treats

Unlike other tests, Embark provides insights on breed, health, traits, and more.

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dog dna test
dog dna test
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dog dna test
dog dna test
dog dna test
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  • “The best DNA test for dogs…one of a kind and backed by sound science.”

    Canine Journal
  • “Information that may improve or extend [your pet’s] life.”

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