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10,000+ 5-star reviews

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2x the genetic data as the competition

10,000+ 5-star reviews

Free shipping on US orders

2x the genetic data as the competition

The DNA test
for good dogs

Dog DNA tests for specialists

Tests tailored to your needs, plus dedicated support every step of the way.

Breed breakdown

With 350+ breeds in our database, we’ll be sure to find the ones that make up your pup’s unique mix.

Trait insights

Size, coat color, even altitude adaptation — your dog’s genetic traits are waiting to be decoded.

Health screening

Genetic analysis can reveal potential health conditions that you can prevent, manage, and treat.

Send results to your vet

We’ll email your report straight to the vet so you can schedule a consultation.

A better DNA test for happier dogs

Don’t take our word for it. Dog owners can tell you how Embark has improved their dogs’ lives.

Health results

“Health issues were fixed”

“One of my dogs has a hereditary issue. Embark notified me immediately before completing the rest of the tests. I took Allie to the vet, unknown health issues were fixed and she is now on preventative treatment (prescription dog food). So grateful!”

– Vicky Y.

Relative finder

“We have weekly play dates”

“I was beyond excited to have found a brother who was a 56% match, probably from a previous litter. We connected and learned that they lived only 15 minutes from us. We now have weekly play dates.”

– Daniela T.

Breed breakdown

“Our dog found her passion”

“We have been able to tailor Loki’s training and exercise regime much better to suit her needs now that we know she is composed of primarily working breeds. Our dog found her passion in scent work and has been much happier since.”

– Darius K.

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Why test your dog’s DNA with Embark?

Breed is just the beginning. We’ll give you more info about your dog than anyone else, all backed by serious science.

Dog being swabbed
You swab your dog

Who knew your dog’s drool contained so much incredible information? In less than 30 seconds, our soft swab collects enough saliva to analyze 230,000 genetic markers.

We crunch the data

Our scientists analyze more genetic information than other companies, and we test for each health condition multiple times. In case you were wondering: yes, we do wear lab coats.

Results you can use

Breed breakdown. Genetic health risks. Canine relatives. Ancient ancestry. There’s so much juicy info in an Embark report, we can’t fit it all here.

Dog being swabbed

Data that matters

Our mission is to make scientific discoveries that will improve the lives of all dogs. When you test your dog with Embark, you’re contributing the data that helps us do that.

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