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Embark Canine Health Summit – Feb 15-16, 2021

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What are the Consequences of Inbreeding Dogs? 

Dr. Aaron J. Sams, Embark Principal Scientist 

Pedigrees, Dog Health, and Resolutions Panel Discussion

Dr. Marty Greer, Dr. Bruce Barrett, Dr. Brenda Bonnet & Ms. Pat Hastings


Is Your Dog a Genius? Dog Emotion and Cognition 

Dr. Brian Hare

Research Progress on Canine Addison’s Disease

Dr. Steven Friedenberg

Can Genetic Diversity be Insurance? Panel Discussion

Sophie Liu, Margret Casal, Adam Boyko, Aimee Llewellyn-Zaidi, & Joshua Stern

Breeding, Judging Shows, and Advocating for Canine Health

Ms. Betty-Anne Stenmark

How Hard is it to Give Away Your Girl Dogs?

Dr. Connie Unger

Collaborate and Share Knowledge Panel Discussion

Ms. Gail Miller Bisher, Mr. Justin Smithey, Dr. Larry Letsche, and Mr. Ryan Boyko, Embark CEO

Working with the Dog Community to Improve Health 

Dr. Claire Wade

How to Contribute to Canine Health

Dr. Adam Boyko, Embark Chief Science Officer

Managing Primate Genetic Diversity 

Dr. Anne Savage

Welcome to Embark’s Inaugural Canine Health Summit

Mr. Ryan Boyko, Embark CEO

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The inaugural Embark Canine Health Summit event was such a success, that we are doing it again in 2022! We plan to discover new insights and best practices from leading experts in the fields of veterinary medicine, canine genetics, dog breeding, and more, via panel discussions and dynamic presentations next year. 

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