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2022 Canine Health Summit

Welcome to the 2022 Embark Canine Health Summit

Wed, April 27, 2022 | 10:00 AM ET


Ryan Boyko

Founder and CEO, Embark Veterinary,

Jon Ambrose

Head of Professional Services, Embark Veterinary

Join us for this major dog health conference focused on bringing dog breeders of all experience levels together with veterinarians and the research community. 

About the Speakers

Ryan Boyko founded Embark after a decade spent using novel analytical approaches to tackle tough questions in public health, ecology, and industry. From Ebola outbreaks to retailer analytics to social evolution and sports science, Boyko has worked and published across a number of fields. Throughout that time, Boyko traveled the world collecting dog samples and contributing to a number of scientific studies. Boyko founded Embark to bring the critical insights obtained from this research to dog owners and to unlock the potential for Big Data to improve the lives of dogs and humans the world over. He has a BA in Computer Science from Harvard and graduate degrees in public health and ecology from Yale and the University of California at Davis.

Jon Ambrose leads Embark’s Professional Services Organization, a group dedicated to empowering veterinarians and breeders with innovative genetic screening programs to support the long term health and longevity of dogs. Jon is an experienced startup founder and executive leader with successes scaling organizations through rapid growth across multiple industries.  He’s passionate about working with scientific and technical experts to build products that make a difference to the world, and is proud to work within Embark and across the veterinary industry to advance the field of canine genetic health. Jon obtained his BS in International Business from Villanova University and MBA from Cornell University.   

2022 Canine Health Summit Sessions