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We have already helped thousands of dogs and their pet parents, and we're just getting started

Why we do it

Embark provides the only dog DNA test to use a research-grade DNA microarray. This allows us to provide the most accurate and comprehensive results on the market, but more importantly it allows us to do on-going research to make new genetic discoveries. Our research is focused on expanding genetic testing, improving personalized veterinary medicine, and developing new breeding programs to eliminate preventable disease in pets.

Life at Embark

Startup perks with big-company benefits. Competitive salaries, all-inclusive health care, and equity participation. A flexible vacation policy, and paid maternal and paternal leave. Fully-stocked office snack bars and regular office events. New iMacs and MacBook Pros. Generous travel allowances.


There’s no greater opportunity than an early-stage startup. We emphasize learning and development for all employees. Grow your skills and your career as our company grows.


We understand the power of diversity and we welcome you—as you are—to work at Embark. We accommodate flexible schedules and the occasional need to work from home, as we all have a life outside the office. As we grow, we look forward to becoming increasingly active members of our local communities.

Where do you fit in


Our science team leads our scientific development, support, and research out of our Ithaca office. We can be found designing new genotyping microarrays, inventing new ancestry deconvolution algorithms, and performing GWAS studies to identify new genetic linkages. We stay close to customers, explaining their ancestry results or the details of medical conditions, as well as working closely with breed organizations, vets and shelters.


Our engineering team leads our technical product development and delivery out of our Boston HQ. We ensure the genetic analysis pipeline performs quickly, accurately, reliably, and at scale - no small challenge with genome-scale data. Our designers and engineers collaborate to craft the entire digital experience and make complex genetic insights easy to understand and share. Our goal is to ship working software, every day.


Our business team are responsible for a wide set of critical functions and are based in Boston and Austin. We fuel the growth engine at Embark, through marketing, sales and partnerships. We oversee e-commerce and physical product, making sure that test kits get to our customers and back as quickly as possible.

We are always excited to hear from people who are passionate about our mission, even if your skills don’t exactly fit one of our open positions. You can contact us at employment@embarkvet.com

Meet the Team

Ryan Boyko
Founder & CEO
and Harley
Mixed breed
Adam Boyko
Founder & Chief Science Officer
and Penny
Mixed breed
Ridiculously photogenic dog
Matt Barton
and Aussie
Matt Salzberg
Co-Founder & Board Member
and Cilantro
Shiba Inu
Tynisha Scott
Office Coordinator
and her cats Eureka and Magellan
Erin Chu
Veterinary Geneticist
and Shiloh
Mixed breed
Alli Kendrick
Director of Sales
Aaron Sams
Senior Scientist
and Artemis
Mixed breed
Adam Gardner
Product Development Manager
Tom Kinsley
Logistics & Customer Success Associate
Kate Robinson
Veterinary Associate
Petra Deane-Coe
Postdoctoral Researcher
and Cara
Mixed breed
Tiffany Ho
Bioinformatics Associate
and Gunther
Mixed breed
Stephen Oduntan
Software Developer
Mackenzie Pearson
Admin Manager

Our Values


We stand behind our products. We hold the science up to the highest scrutiny, and only release results that we are confident in.


We practice radical candor - everyone in the company has a voice about the product, the science, and the company. We are open about our methods and believe in publishing our results.


We respect the wishes of our customers about how and when we collect, store, use and share their information.