We Love Dogs, and Science

At Embark, our mission is to constantly improve the lives of animals and their humans through science. We believe in breaking down the barriers between scientists and the public to unleash the power of technology to understand and improve our world. Our customers are equal partners on our journey: Their needs focus our work on making the highest-impact discoveries.

Then, we put those discoveries straight in our customers' hands quickly and with easy to understand explanations about how they impact you and your four-legged family members. Our users also provide us the raw material to make the discoveries: The data that enables us to improve dog health now and into the future. We are more Labrador Retriever than lab rat though, and so we also believe in providing users with engaging and entertaining content coupled with our recommendations: Laughter is the best medicine after all.

We believe our work is measured by the lives it impacts today. We love dogs and science and cannot stop talking about how awesome their combination is. But at the end of the day, what matters most to us is the number of lives we have impacted.

We also believe in having fun at work, and our team hasn't met a pun or a pug we don't love. And we get to work with puppies, which means we are pretty much always happy.

Meet the Team

Ryan Boyko
Founder & CEO
and Harley
Mixed breed

Ryan spent his early adult years battling heat, mosquitos, cold, altitude, broken motorcycles, and awful roads to collect dog DNA samples for scientific study. He started this company so that people will send him samples directly instead.

Adam Boyko
Founder & Chief Science Officer
and Penny
Mixed breed

Adam spent his early adult years sending his little brother Ryan to awful places (and going to nice places himself) to collect dog DNA samples for scientific study. He is a little ambivalent about working for his brother.

Ridiculously photogenic dog

When Harley is not on a photo-shoot or keeping the Embark team company, she can be found attempting to lick or roll in anything particularly smelly nearby.

Matt Barton
and Aussie
Mixed breed

Matt has a passion for understanding everything he enjoys and loves. He has brought that passion to many projects over the years. Once he adopted his dog Aussie, he found Embark a natural fit for his curiosity.

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Razib Khan
Scientific Product Developer
and Scarlett
Polish rabbit

After spending years doing cat genetics, Razib finally got smart and joined Embark to work on dog genetics. His kitty will never forgive him, but we will!

Tynisha Scott
Office Coordinator
and her cats Eureka and Magellan
We love cats too

Tynisha is the glue that binds Embark together. When not at the office, she enjoys music, gin, and finally some peace and quiet.

Connor Tomkies
Business Development
and Ginger and Hudson
Mixed breed and Morkie

Connor has dedicated his life to redeeming his epic table tennis defeat to Ryan. That, and helping Embark grow into a household name that helps millions of dogs every year.

Erin Chu
Veterinary Geneticist
and Shiloh

Erin is part of Embark’s Ithaca-based team. After receiving her DVM from Cornell, she’s still there…but this time, completing a PhD in molecular genetics. Erin attributes her success and motivated view on life to her amazing Labrador-Shepherd-Chow Chow mix, Shiloh.

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Selina Silvas
Interaction Designer
and her guinea pig
Since she cannot get a dog

Selina is happily engaged to Patrick and his indie-games but unhappily prevented from having a dog by her landlord. She is excited to embark on this journey with all her fiance-and-dogless free time!

Patrick Prine
Product Designer
and his guinea pig
Since he cannot get a dog

Though engaged to Selina, you can often find Patrick playing with VR in his office or frequenting the local indie-game events in Austin to keep his heart strong and his mind open for what technology can bring us.

David Riccardi
Bioinformatics Scientist
and Josie
Mixed breed

A serial dog foster parent, David has a soft spot for dogs, though he really crushes on genetics. How else can you explain all that time toiling in a nematode lab? Now Embark has saved him for bigger and better work!

Spencer Wells
Co-Founder & Scientific Advisor
and Max
German Wirehaired Pointer

Spencer traveled the world to understand human history. Then he got smart and realized dogs understand us better than we understand ourselves and co-founded Embark.

Alli Kendrick
Director of Sales

The only things Alli loves as much as selling dog DNA tests is music and water polo. She is heavily involved in the Austin music scene, supporting artists with a nonprofit. She also cleans house in Embark water polo games.

Mark Boyko
Strategic Counsel
and Petri
the parakeet

A veteran class action lawyer fighting for the little guys, Mark has also angered large numbers of people as a professional soccer referee. Dogs love him though (but he has a secret: he is allergic).

Heather Wagner Reed
PR Guru

Heather knows PR like Embark knows dogs. She has worked for some of the biggest names in the music industry, and is now using her skills to help puppies instead of Snoop Doggs.

  • Veterinary Geneticist
  • Genetics Counsellor
  • Canine Nutrionist
  • Bioinformaticist
  • Canine Behavioral Geneticist
  • Customer Acquisition
  • Software Developer (web/mobile)
  • UI/UX Designer
  • Fulfillment

Our Values


We stand behind our products. We hold the science up to the highest scrutiny, and only release results that we are confident in.


We practice radical candor - everyone in the company has a voice about the product, the science, and the company. We are open about our methods and believe in publishing our results.


We respect the wishes of our customers about how and when we collect, store, use and share their information.

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