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Breed Accuracy

200,000+ genetic markers

Most accurate breed identification available: Embark tests over 200,000 genetic markers and builds your breed mix chromosome by chromosome.

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2,000- genetic markers

Low accuracy breed identification: Tests currently on the market look at fewer than 2,000 markers, often resulting in an incomplete or inaccurate picture of your dog’s genetic make up.

Genetic Disease Tests

160+ included

160 diseases included: We test nearly every genetic disease possible for every customer. Our proprietry genetic age and weight tests also allow you and your vet to make the best decisions for your dog’s health throughout their lifespan.

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$50+ each

$50 or more per each disease test: Dog owners must test for each disease individually or in panels of 3-7 tests for $300 or more. No genetic age or weight tests.

Updates to Results


Yes! New tests added to results for free (if possible to do so without collecting data for a new test): When our scientists discover a new genetic association we can report to you, we add it to your panel for free.

vs Others


No. Dog owners need to pay per test if a new disease is discovered.

Report for Vets


Vet report included: Designed by vets, our vet report allows you to share key information with your vet to give your dog the best care possible.

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Not provided.

Contribute to Science


Let your dog contribute to scientific research. Opt-in to have your dog’s genetic profile included in cutting-edge studies in canine health and genetics.

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No research component; limited marker panels not suitable for research studies.

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