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Congratulations Lorelai!

After 16 Mutts and 4 rounds of voting, we finally have our Top Dog: Lorelai! Lorelai has won a $5,000 donation for her team at Almost There Rescue as a special thanks for taking such great care of her.

Thank you to everyone who voted and spread the word about this year’s Mutt Madness! The bracket may be over, but we’re still determined to help every player find a forever home.

Browse every player from previous rounds below and share their story if you know anyone in their area.

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Almost There: A Mom + Pups Rescue

Age: 2 yrs old 
Weight: 48 lbs
Time in shelter: 2 months
Walk-up song: “Adore You” by Harry Styles
Personality: Ball of Sunshine
Likes: Smiling. Snuggling.

Bio: Lorelai had a rough start, giving birth to her babies under a trailer, in Page AZ where it was dangerously cold. Despite her best efforts, all but one of her puppies died. Lorelai was found snuggling her remaining puppy, Rory, with all her might and with the fierce protective love of a mama. Since being rescued, their luck has turned around and you’d never guess what Lorelai has been through from looking at that smile of hers! Lorelai is the kind of girl that will look into your eyes like she knows exactly what kind of day you’ve had, then melt away all of your troubles with her sweet grin!

Every Mutt Deserves A Home

These players may have been benched from winning a shelter donation, but getting adopted would be the ultimate rebound.


Take Paws Rescue

Age: 4 yrs old
Weight: 80 lbs
Time in shelter: 2 years
Walk-up song: “Papi Chulo” by El Chombo
Personality: Big Softy
Likes: Playing with his friends. Toys. Belly rubs.

Bio: Chulo is a fun-loving dog with loyalty and protection in spades! He’s highly intelligent and loves to be there for you and play. He lives for belly rubs and will even give an occasional little kiss


Hearts ‘N Homes Rescue

Age: 1.5 yrs old
Weight: 40 lbs
Time in shelter: 6 months
Walk-up song: “Believer” by Imagine Dragons
Personality: Sweetie Pie
Likes: Soft toys. Peace and quiet.

Bio: Teddy has had a traumatic past, but his sweet personality shines through nevertheless. He’s a gentle pup who gets along with cats and is easy to train. He has plenty of love to give.


Wags & Whiskers Animal Rescue

Age: 1.5 yrs old
Weight: 45 lbs
Time in shelter: 8 months
Walk-up song: “I Want You to Want Me” by Cheap Trick
Personality: High-Flyer
Likes: Tracking scents. Chewing bones. Giving kisses.

Bio: Ladybird is a high energy sweet dog who loves to run and play. She gets serious hangtime trying to jump up to you to give kisses. She will do well in a home that can give her plenty of playtime.


Ollie’s Angels Animal Rescue

Age: 1.5 years
Weight: 42 lbs
Time in shelter: ???
Walk-up song: You’re My Best Friend” by Queen
Personality: Sweetheart
Likes: Going on walks. Playing in the yard.

Bio: Sadie was only hours away from being euthanized in a GA high kill shelter because she was pregnant. Thankfully, we pulled her out of the shelter, and her babies were born safe and sound in their GA foster home, and with the help of Pilots N Paws, the family was then flown Long Island. To meet Sadie is to love her! She is a complete and total sweetheart who is an instant best friend with absolutely everybody she meets.


Olympic Peninsula Humane Society 

Age: 1 yr old
Weight: 46 lbs
Time in shelter: 2 months
Walk-up song: “Running on Empty” by Jackson Browne
Personality: Adventurer
Likes: Balls to fetch. Being outside. Running.

Bio: Luna is a young and energetic girl who is eager to please and ready to learn. She would make an excellent hiking or running companion. Her all-time favorite game is fetch.


Moms and Mutts Rescue

Age: 2 years
Weight: 50 lbs
Time in shelter: 4 months
Walk-up song: “True Love” by Pink
Personality: Mother Goose
Likes: Cheese. Kisses. Puppies.

Bio: Lexa was very protective of her puppies at first, but she’s learned to trust people and realized how much she loves the people who care for her. She’s ready for a happy life with her new family.


Angels Among Us Animal Rescue

Age: 10 months
Weight: 40 lbs
Time in shelter: 2 months
Walk-up song: Tightrope” by Janelle Monáe
Personality: Social Butterfly
Likes: Snuggling with people. Playing.

Bio: Adeline was hit by a car (the car never stopped) as she was trying to move out of the road the next vehicle which was a truck ran over her (never stopped either). A nice lady saw all of this and thankfully picked her up and took her straight to a vet. That vet took her into our rescue. She broke her right knee and her femoral head. She’s already had surgery and is recovering well. She’s ready to find her furever home.


Happily Ever After Animal Sanctuary, Inc.

Age: 8 yrs old
Weight: 50 lbs
Time in shelter: 3.5 years
Walk-up song: “Hound Dog” by Elvis Presley
Personality: Go-Getter
Likes: Fetch. Rearranging pillows. Cuddles on the couch.

Bio: Blue is very playful. He’ll play fetch with practically any toy (plush squeakers are his favorite though). He also loves walking with his people and is happy to show off his leash manners.


Brown Dog Coalition 

Age: 10 yrs old
Weight: 5.5 lbs
Time in shelter: 6 months
Walk-up song: “Little Bitty Pretty One” by Thurston Harris
Personality: Golden Girl
Likes: Miniature tennis balls. Downton Abby. Dolly Parton.

Bio: Bug loves to spend her days sitting in any lady’s lap, showing off her toys, and going on afternoon jaunts. She likes to keep a tight-knit circle of gal pals.


Providing for Paws

Age: 2 yrs old
Weight: 65 lbs
Time in shelter: 1.5 years
Walk-up song: “Walk the Line” by Johnny Cash
Personality: All-Star
Likes: Being active. Playing with people.

Bio: Dallas is a sweet pup looking for his forever person or family. His perfect home would have a fenced-in yard for him to run around and play with and plenty of balls for him to chase.


L.O.L.A’s Rescue

Age: 1.5 yrs old
Weight: 25 lbs
Time in shelter: 5 months
Walk-up song: “I want to be free” by Queen
Personality: Shy Snugglebug
Likes: Chilling. Loafing around.

Bio: I am a very shy and timid girl. But once I learn to trust you I open up quickly. I love comfy beds and love. I need to learn that not all humans are bad people. Do you want a calm, relaxed dog to snuggle with? I am your girl. I came from a rough hoarding house in New Mexico with trash everywhere and 7 other dogs on the property. A family member would come by to feed us every once in a while but we never got any real affection from humans so I’m slow to trust people and their intentions. 


Rescue Road

Age: 4 yrs old
Weight: 40 lbs
Time in shelter: 2 months
Walk-up song: “Fight Song” by Rachel Platten
Personality: Low-Key Lady
Likes: Lap time. Long walks on a leash.

Bio: Viola needs extra care as she is completely deaf and partially blind. She is playful when she gets comfortable with the dogs around her. She is very sweet and easy to walk on a leash.


Dog Gone Seattle

Age: 7 yrs old
Weight: 60 lbs
Time in shelter: 1.5 years
Walk-up song: “Iron Man” by Black Sabbath
Personality: Trailblazer
Likes: Snuggles. Snoozing. Find It games.

Bio: Hawaii native Nacho has been on quite a journey since being rescued. He’s learned all sorts of obedience skills thanks to his foster and now he’s ready to try them out in a home of his own.


Rescue City

Age: 2 yrs old
Weight: 65 lbs
Time in shelter: 2 months
Walk-up song: “Shake it Out” by Florence + The Machine
Personality: Wallflower
Likes: Napping. Being lazy.

Bio: Vail is an excellent dog with a gentle, relaxed soul. He loves spending time lounging around by his people. He’s looking for a quiet home with a yard he can explore at his leisure.


It’s a Ruff Life Rescue

Age: 7 yrs old
Weight: 55 lbs
Time in shelter: 2 years
Walk-up song: “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun” by Cyndi Lauper
Personality: Social butterfly
Likes: Playing fetch. Couch snuggles.

Bio: Maya is a sweet and affectionate girl who LOVES people. Kisses? She has plenty to share with friends and strangers! Toys? She loves to play! She enjoys snoring on the couch in her downtime.

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