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Doggy DNA Relative Finder

Embark dog dna relatives

Meet the Relatives

Family reunions just got yappier. Only Embark offers the ability to find your dog’s relatives - from close to distant. We will tell you, based on science, how much DNA your dog shares with other Embark dogs in our database and offer you the ability to connect directly with them.

Embark dog dna relatives
embark 20 percent dna match relatives

Become closer to your dog than ever before

Get to know your pup’s story beyond their family tree by discovering and connecting with his or her relatives.

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Frequently asked questions

How do I connect with my pup’s relatives if I want to have a playdate?

Right within your pup’s report you can click Chat and start messaging other pups who share DNA with your dog. Set up a playdate, see where they’re located (if they’ve shared that info!) and yap about what fun quirks your related pups share.

Do all dogs have relatives in your database?

Yes! All dogs have some relatives in our database. As more dogs join, the chances of you finding a close or immediate relative will go up.

Why does my purebred dog have so many relatives?

All dogs of a single breed are closely related, because they descend from the same ancestors that started the breed. This means that purebred dogs share more DNA and will naturally have more genetic relatives than mixed breed dogs.

Does this exist anywhere else?

While this does exist for humans, we are the only canine DNA company to offer something like this.

Does this cost extra?

No, this feature is included with every purchase of an Embark Breed & Health or Breed Identification Kit.

Discover more about relatives

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Baloo and Milo Reunited

Read the story of two sibling pups who were reunited after they both tested with Embark.

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Take a look at a newborn litter’s breed results

This litter of puppies made headlines in Illinois. We connected with the family fostering them and sent free kits to test mom and a few pups.

Link to How related dogs can look different

How related dogs can look different

Some of the relatives we reunite end up looking nothing alike. Find out why that is with a quick lesson on genetic recombination.

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