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Embark vs Wisdom Panel Dog DNA Tests


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When comparing dog DNA tests, we know the choice can be overwhelming. Here, we explore some of the differences between Embark vs Wisdom Panel dog DNA tests, and explain why Embark is the best choice for your dog.

Embark vs Wisdom Panel: Which one is better?

Comparing Embark vs Wisdom Panel dog DNA tests means not only looking at the test offerings, but also at the science behind each of them. 

Here are 10 reasons to choose Embark over other dog DNA testing companies.

1. Embark offers the most accurate dog DNA test available

With Embark, you can rest assured that you’re getting the most accurate dog DNA test, with 99% breed ancestry accuracy. We test for 350+ breeds, types, and varieties, and that number is always growing. 

When comparing Embark vs Wisdom Panel, you’ll find that Embark is the only dog DNA company that tests for dingo, coyote, wolf, and village dog ancestry in your dog’s breed mix. These special populations of dogs and other canids have unique ancestry that is unlike modern dog breeds. 

Village dogs are a unique type of dog that only Embark tests for. They make up about 75% of the billion or so dogs living around the world today. Village dogs are the free-roaming, free-breeding “outside” dogs that have lived near humans for thousands of years. They can trace their ancestry back to humankind’s first best friends. Although they are not recognized by kennel clubs as a breed, they are genetically identifiable.

Our founders, Ryan and Adam Boyko, spent years traveling the world and studying these special dogs. Today, Embark has the largest village dog reference panel of any canine genetics company.

In addition to having the most accurate dog DNA test for breed mix, we’ll be transparent in our results. If a percentage of your dog’s breed mix doesn’t match any breeds in our database, or if it’s too small a percentage for us to be sure that it’s accurate, we’ll tell you. Other dog DNA tests may show other breeds in your dog’s results to make up that small percentage—breeds that may or may not actually be present.

2. Only Embark gives you the ability to reunite with your dog’s family

When you test with Embark, you’ll get access to the world’s first canine relative finder. Our Relative Finder feature uses patented technology to find your dog’s family members based on their shared DNA. You’ll also see your dog’s family tree and their geographic origins.

94% of dogs tested with Embark have at least one dog in our database as genetically related as human first cousins.

When comparing Embark vs Wisdom Panel, only Embark gives you the ability to find and connect with your dog’s relatives by sending them a message through your dog’s Embark profile. Other dog DNA companies have introduced similar features, but don’t allow you to contact your dog’s relatives and schedule that all-important first playdate.

Embark dogs have reunited with their parents, siblings, and offspring! Read some of their stories:

3. Dog owners recommend Embark more than any other dog DNA brand

Based on a 2023 survey, dog owners are more likely to recommend Embark than any other dog DNA test. Nine out of 10 Embark customers were satisfied with their experience. They mention that getting the most accurate breed results, ease of use, and a positive customer experience are among their top reasons for recommending Embark.

Get the dog DNA test trusted by millions of dog owners.

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4. Embark is endorsed by experts

Top publications including TIME, US News, and more have ranked Embark as the #1 dog DNA test. Our Breed + Health Test was named the best dog DNA test of 2024 by US News and the top pick for the best overall dog DNA test by TIME. Embark is also BuzzFeed approved.

Read more about why experts choose Embark:

  • Canine Journal: “Embark stands out from the pack because it identifies twice as many genetic markers as most other companies and has a research-grade DNA genotyping platform.”
  • Popular Science: “Embark provides a very simple testing method, quick turnaround time, and lots of data in easy-to-read formats.
  • Mashable: “You trust only the best for your fur baby…the people at Embark care about your dog just as much as you do.”

5. See your dog’s family tree and geographic history

When you test with Embark, you’ll not only get a full breakdown of your dog’s breed mix. You’ll also get their family tree showing the breeds of their ancestors, so you can see how your dog’s parents, grandparents, and great-grandparents contributed to their breed makeup.

We’ll also show you where in the world your dog’s ancestors lived and migrated, going all the way back to when dogs and people first became friends.

6. Embark is a research partner of the Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine

Embark dog DNA tests are veterinarian developed, in collaboration with Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine, one of the most prestigious schools for veterinary medicine in the United States. One of our founders, Dr. Adam Boyko, is an Associate Professor in the Department of Biomedical Sciences at the university.

We’re proud to partner with Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine not only on our dog DNA tests, but also on continuing research studies, like Dr. Jacquelyn Evans’ research into pannus in dogs.

Testing with Embark means joining an active social community of dog lovers. Check out the #embarkbreedreveal hashtag on TikTok to see some of the most popular breed reveals that have garnered millions of views on social media.

8. Get personalized recommendations to help your dog live their best life

When you test with Embark, you’ll get expert tips and any applicable personalized recommendations to help you care for your dog, based on their unique DNA.

9. Embark analyzes more data per dog

When comparing Embark vs. Wisdom Panel, you’ll find that we analyze more genetic data than our leading competitor. Embark analyzes over 230,000 genetic markers. 

Why does that matter?

Having a more complex DNA chip allows us to collect more genetic data, which makes new discoveries possible. To do that, we invest in a few extra costs to process every swab. This volume of data means that we can make novel genetic discoveries about dog health—a goal that we believe is worth the investment in a higher-quality chip. 

10. Our sole focus is canine health

Embark is not a large conglomerate. We’re a mission-driven startup company founded by dog-loving scientists and veterinarians who want to end preventable disease in dogs. Unlike our leading competitor, a candy and food brand, Embark is a dog DNA company at heart.

Science is at the heart of what we do. We are honored to have world-renowned geneticists and veterinarians leading our Scientific Advisory Board and guiding our research and development. We’re proud to have the most scientifically advanced dog DNA test available, so that we can continue making discoveries in the name of dog health.

Embark made the first-ever canine health discovery using commercial genetic testing data—a variant associated with early-onset adult deafness in Rhodesian Ridgeback dogs. Our scientists have also discovered why dogs have blue eyes, the gene behind roan coat patterns, and more.

Every dog tested helps bring us closer to making more discoveries in canine health. By testing with Embark, your dog can help future generations of dogs stay healthy and live longer, happier lives.

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