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Embark Releases Vet Verification Form


veterinary verification

Embark is always working to improve the breeder experience and offer features that are important to your breeding program and breed organization! We know that for many registries, veterinary verification of identity is required for DNA result submission. As such, we’d like to introduce our newest breeder feature, the Veterinary Verification of Permanent Identification Form.

This form is to be used by a veterinarian collecting the sample and confirming the identity of the dog by a permanent identifier (microchip or tattoo), for an additional level of assurance that the sample was collected from the specified dog. This isn’t required by Embark but is a feature that we built based on feedback from customers who wanted this form of verification to share with other breeders, potential puppy buyers, or breed groups.

This form must be signed by a licensed veterinarian. Once complete, you will need to scan the form to a PDF file, or take a photograph, and upload it to the Documents section of the dog’s profile.

Simply follow these steps:

1. Click “Add Document” then select a file or drag and drop the PDF or photo of the completed Veterinary Verification of Permanent Identification Form.

Embark document upload

2. Select “Veterinary Verification Form” under the “Category” dropdown menu.

3. Select your desired privacy setting. Please note that if set as “Public” with or without a watermark, the registered swab code for this dog will be shown publicly alongside this document to allow viewers to verify the information on this form.

vet privacy

4. Be sure to save your changes!

5. You can then view your dog’s public profile link to see what the form will look like to other Embark breeders.

embark public document

We hope that you will enjoy using this new feature! Please do not hesitate to reach out to us; we can always be reached at with any questions!

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