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Embark Discovers Sibling Pups After Owners Submit Dog DNA Tests


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Here at Embark, we take pride in our dog DNA tests and what they can do for pups and their owners. We provide insights on breed, ancestry, traits, genetic health risks. But sometimes we find something extra special, like dogs who are family.

Meet sibling dogs Artie and Bo. These pups have a coefficient relationship (COR) of 49.35 percent and we expect full siblings to have a COR of 50 percent. Let’s get to know both of these handsome pups. 

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When Kate found Artie, he was living in New York City at PupStarz Rescue by way of a shelter in Tennessee. Kate says Artie is a very friendly dog who loves everyone he meets.

She went on to say that Artie really enjoys sleeping and cuddling on the couch, but loves going outside. He gets “super excited” when he encounters new people and dogs, according to Kate. He also loves to eat oranges and bark at loud trucks.

“He’s such a happy, sweet dog and we have loved him since the moment we met him,” Kate said.


Mike adopted Bo in September 2015 from a puppy rescue based in Maryland. Bo was around 8 weeks old at the time, leading Mike to believe that he was a “Fourth of July pup.” Still, Bo is not a fan of fireworks and most dogs share his opinion. The rescue told Mike that Bo came from rural Tennessee, just like Artie. The two dogs were presumably separated there, with Artie being sent to the shelter in Tennessee and Bo to the rescue in Maryland.

Sadly, on the way to Maryland, another dog bit Bo’s ear and took a little piece of cartilage. He’s completely healed, but the injury had some lasting effects as Bo almost always has one ear up and one ear down.

Despite the unfortunate bite, Bo is a happy dog who enjoys playing fetch in his backyard. Just like Artie, Bo loves everyone he meets, especially children. Mike said Bo gets “super excited” when he meets a new dog friend, the same words that Kate used to describe how Artie feels about meeting someone new.

Reunited and it feels so good

These sibling dogs are alike in more ways than one, and their parents never would have learned about their connection if not for an Embark dog DNA test. Both Mike and Kate submitted their dogs’ DNA samples separately. And in our lab, we confirmed the connection between the two. We were so happy to hear that Embark could connect both pups and their parents.

“We were just as excited about the news as you are!” Kate said.

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