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Dog coloring activities

Are the kids (or adults) in your home running out of indoor activities?

As long as you have crayons, we've got you covered.

dog coloring 4 pack

Color by Numbers

Download and print the Color the Coat activity with Embark's own Color by Numbers. Color a dog with Tricolor, one with Agouti, one with Tan Points, one with Merle coloring, and one where you can color your own coat color creation!

golden retriever coloring

Golden Retriever color shading

Print and color this sheet of four Golden Retrievers. How many different types of yellow or orange can you color them?

advanced coloring sheet for dogs

Coloring meditation sheet

Dog coloring sheet for older kids (or young adults) of Husky dog.

dog color activity sheet photo from embark

Did you nose coloring sheet for elementary school kids

About 5% of Embark dogs have what's called a "winter nose" or "snow nose." Color in the dogs and their unique noses with this fun coloring sheet.

image of a connect the dots worksheet

Connect the dots activity sheet

Color this fun dog in a connect the dots activity sheet for preschool and elementary-aged children.

preview of a downloadable coloring sheet

Relaxation time advanced dog coloring sheet

Color in this middle school and above relaxing activity sheet.

preview of a spot differences activity sheet

Spot the differences

Spot the differences between these two dog caricatures.

dog connect the dots image

Connect the dots on this Alaskan Malamute

Connect the dots on this Alaskan Malamute cartoon, and learn a fun fact. Ideal for young children.

I think, therefore I woof coloring activity

Did you know that the top 20 percent of dogs are able to learn 250 words? Learn that and more in this fun coloring activity.

image of a coloring sheet of dogs

Find the difference coloring sheet

Find 10 differences between the dogs in the dog park in this fun coloring activity.

color in the dots image

Connect the dots from this Saluki dog

The oldest known dog breed is the Saluki. Connect the dots and color in this Saluki dog.

fourth of july coloring sheet thumbnail

Fourth of July coloring sheet (Simple)

Learn about the Founding Fathers' dogs and find your zen with this paw-triotic sheet.

Fourth of July coloring sheet (Complex)

Step up the challenge with a more complex pattern celebrating the Fourth of July and dogs.

Connect the Dots - Whiskers

Have you ever wanted to learn more about your dog's whiskers? Checkout this connect the dots activity to read about how important your dog's whiskers really are.

Color the sheets and see (and teach) about different dog coat traits and color genetics. Share with #WoofFromHome and tag Embark for a chance to have your color-by-numbers activity sheet featured. You can find us on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter