Doodle Trait Genetics

From curly fur to shedding, learn more about dog coat genetics with Dr. Adam Boyko in this introductory video

Dog coats are influenced by a few different genes

Curliness, length, shedding, and texture — each canine coat trait is influenced by a different gene. But that’s not all; these genes work together, creating a lot of variation in the types of coats dogs can have. Learn more in this introductory video, as Dr. Boyko explains how a Poodle coat is genetically different from a Labrador Retriever coat, and what happens when breeds and coat types are mixed together.

Did you know? Dog fanciers developed terminology for the wide range of coat color genes. While dogs who test as “ee” at the E Locus often look yellow-to-brown to naked eye, dog breeders typically call them “red”.

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