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6 Fun Activities To Do With Your Dog This Summer


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It’s the beginning of summer, and one of the best ways to enjoy the warm weather is with your dog. Imagine the joy of watching your four-legged friend prance through the park or gallop across the beach. Sounds pretty nice, right? Here are six fun activities to do with your dog this summer.

1. Frozen treats

Pupsicles are the perfect way to keep your dog cool and occupied out in the heat. Plus it’s an easy and fun activity for you to involve the whole family. You can use a popsicle mold, normal bowl, or even a kong toy to make the popsicles. Try creating combinations using chicken broth, kibble, peanut butter, water, and even frozen chicken bits to make a treat your dog won’t be able to resist.

embark dog eating pop

2. Pet-friendly hotels

If you have time off work to take a summer vacation, find a hotel where you can bring your dog. Get inspired by these luxurious dog-friendly hotels on Condé Nast Traveler. Incorporate your hotel stay into a road trip, and your dog will get some much loved time hanging out of the car window as well. This is a great way to make wonderful memories with the whole family, pets included.  If you’re hitting the open road with your dog this summer, be sure to check out our tips for traveling with your dog and this guide to car rides with your dog.

3. Get crafty

Crafts are perfect in the summer, when you can take the mess outside. Try involving the whole family in creating some dog art. If you want a completely mess-free option, just paint with water.  You can have your dog make footprints on the sidewalk and kids can use paint brushes with the water. It will keep the whole family occupied for hours, and let everyone enjoy the summer sun.  For a more permanent masterpiece, you can use real paint. Try laying out a large sheet of paper and letting the dogs walk all over the paper to create a unique piece of art!

4. Splash into summer

Sprinklers, lakes, pools, and the ocean are irresistible to lots of dogs, and a good way to burn off some extra energy. This can be a fun way for you to cool off too! Try kayaking with your dog, swimming in a pool, or hopping into the ocean. Search for dog-friendly beaches in your areas or check out this list of the 10 Best Dog Friendly Beaches in America

embark dog floating

5. Old dog, new tricks

Always wanted to teach your dog a new trick?  The summer is the perfect time to do so. We suggest setting up an agility course in your backyard.  You can use any household materials such as buckets, rope, and boxes to create your unique course.  Then get the whole family involved in running through the course and teaching your dog how to be an agility master.  For more ideas, see how Modern Dog suggests you set up your DIY agility course.

6. Paw-some dog events

Last, but not least, lots of towns hold dog-friendly events in the summer where you can meet fellow dog lovers, and your dog can make some friends too! From Bark in the Park events to Yappy Hours, there are always new events being advertised in the summer for you and your dog. Search around online or on Facebook to find local events for dogs being hosted at sports stadiums, local restaurants, parks, and more!

For more summer safety tips, find out how to protect your dog this summer, learn all about overheating in dogs, and check out our dog hiking tips.

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