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Webinar: The Art and Science of Breeding


Webinar: The Art and Science of Breeding

A webinar presented by The Westminster Kennel Club and Embark Vet.

Embark Veterinary and the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show are pleased to present an informative panel discussion featuring three experts in purebred dog breeding, showing, and canine genetics. Watch this live video event to hear practical guidance and expert perspective relevant to all dog breeders, whether or not you compete in the ring.

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Lisa Peterson Contributor

Award-winning writer, journalist, and podcast host Lisa Peterson is a canine subject matter expert and Content Strategy Lead at Embark Veterinary. She served as the American Kennel Club director of communications and club communications for 10 years before becoming a Westminster Kennel Club public relations consultant from 2016 to 2021. Lisa began owning, breeding, and handling Norwegian Elkhounds more than 35 years ago, and today is an AKC judge and AKC Breeder of Merit.

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