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What’s Your Dog’s Holiday Routine?


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The holidays feel like they were tailor-made for dogs: lots of interesting new smells around the house, new friends coming to visit, and all the delicious food you can drool over.

We surveyed over 70,000 dogs to get an idea of how they might act during holiday get togethers and to see if their breed mix has any effect. Learn more and see how your dog compares!

holiday routine dog food motivation

It’s no secret that dogs love food, but not all tummies are created equally. In fact, some dogs have a gene mutation that prevents them from feeling full. If your dog is a chowhound, use high-value treats to boost your training routine.

holiday routine dog energy levels

A high-energy dog can be a lot to handle during a get-together. If your pup is prone to holiday zoomies, try tiring them out with an extra-long walk before the guests arrive. Giving them a treat to work on like a large bone or a food puzzle while you’re hosting can be helpful, too.

holiday routine eating exercise tip

It’s a good idea to walk your dog before their meals, not after. Think about it: Do you feel good taking a long walk with a full stomach? (Especially if you just had a full-course holiday dinner?) Feel free to treat your pup to an extra tasty meal during the holidays, but make sure that you give them time to rest and enjoy their food coma afterward.

holiday routine dogs tv watch time

Does your family have a holiday movie tradition? Some pups love to join in on the fun.

holiday routine dog dessert choices

Once everything else is said and done, it’s time to break out the dessert. Most dogs prefer to stick to meat-based treats, but there are a few pups who won’t turn their noses up at doggy fruit cakes.



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