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6 Best Last-Minute Gifts for Dog Lovers


It happens to everyone — you thought you were done gift shopping, and then you realize you need something for the dog lover on your list. And you need it now.  There’s no shortage of wonderful gifts out there for dog people, but most require you to go shopping or wait for shipping. Fortunately, thanks...

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A Thanksgiving dinner with Turkey, stuffing, rolls, and mashed potatoes
Dog Nutrition

Can Dogs Eat Turkey and Other Thanksgiving Foods?


The holidays are coming, and it’s natural for dog lovers to want to include their canine companions in the festivities. But as hard as it can be to resist those puppy-dog eyes when they’re gazing longingly at the turkey, stuffing, and sweet potatoes on the table, those tasty treats may not be the best for...

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Dog paw protection is important in the summer. Here, a Golden Retriever dog stands in the cooling waves at the beach.
Preventive Care

5 Dog Paw Protection Tips for Summer


Summer is a great time to be a dog owner. The weather is warm and there’s an endless list of outdoor adventures to enjoy, from long city walks to strolls along sandy beaches. But do you have a dog paw protection plan for when the weather is too warm? Hot weather can be uncomfortable for...

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