Welcome to the Training Center

Whether your dog is new to your home or they just need a refresher, we have training lessons to help. Training helps you bond with your dog, boosts their confidence, and prepares them to be their best selves in the future.

Check back on Tuesdays and Thursdays for new lessons.

  • Wait Cue
    Leave It Cue
    Dealing with Begging Behavior
    Dealing with Jumping Problems
    Separation Anxiety
    Confidence Building for Your Rescue Dog
    How to Stop Your Dog From Reactive Barking
    How to Stop Your Dog From Barking
    Recall Training
    Recall Training
    Walking on Leash
    Why We’re Doing This
    Camp Embark
    Lie Down Training
  • Crate Training Before Returning to Work
    Sit With Attention Training
    Walking on Leash Training

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