Embark for Veterinarians

Applied Clinical Genetics Case Library
Case 5

Signalment & History
  • Presumed 2-year-old 
  • Spayed female
  • Retriever mix 
  • Rescue; Diet: Purina Pro Plan; HW Preventive: compliant; Flea/Tick Preventive: compliant; Fecal/Parasite Exam and Tx: up to date
  • Had Embark done soon after being rescued
Presenting Complaint
  • Owner reported that she went running outside this morning, yelped, and was suddenly unable to use her pelvic limbs.
  • Type I intervertebral disc disease (IVDD)
  • Fibrocartilaginous embolic myelopathy (FCE)
  • Spinal trauma
  • Vascular event
  • Inflammatory myelopathy
Physical Exam
  • Temp: 101.2 F; Pulse: 130 bpm; Respiration: 36/min; MM: pink/moist CRT: 2 sec; BCS: 7/9; Eyes: wnl; Ears: wnl; Mouth: wnl; LN’s: wnl; Cardio: wnl; Resp: wnl; Abd: wnl; GI: wnl; MS: ambulatory paraparesis; Neuro: paralysis of pelvic limbs, loss of proprioception of the pelvic limbs, deep pain negative, pain on spinal palpation. No motor function of the pelvic limbs.

  • T13-L1 left sided hemilaminectomy for a disc rupture.
  • She fully recovered