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bankhar dog

How 1 Dog Project is Saving the Mongolian Grassland Steppes


The Mongolian Bankhar Dog Project (MBDP) is a nonprofit organization with a mission of slowing down and reversing the “desertification of the Mongolian Grassland Steppes.” According to the project’s website, they plan to achieve that goal by resurrecting the traditional use of the livestock guardian dog known as the Bankhar. Saving the Steppes Director Bruce...

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embark dog with stuffed animal
Customer Stories

Dog Saves Woman’s Life After She Recovers from Horrific Home Invasion


Angela May Weaver and Outlaw were meant to be paired together. Angela may have adopted Outlaw, but she says he’s the one who ultimately saved her life. The tragic story that brought them together Angela adopted Outlaw shortly after she was involved in a home invasion in Salton City, California in May of 2016. Three...

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embark dog competing
Famous Dogs

Embark Tests Multi-Talented Celebrity Dogs


Embark customer Trudy Wisner breeds Bearded Collies with a hunger for the spotlight. She has her very own family of dogs, including an 11-year-old Bearded Collie named Poppet who was the runner-up in the agility competition at the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show. But her pack’s claim to fame doesn’t stop there. Trudy has seven...

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related dogs
Customer Stories

Pup Finds Forever Home With Sibling After Being Shot


Meet Tony and Cleo. These pups have also been known as Jack and Jill or Bonnie and Clyde. Their story has many twists and bumps in the road that brought them to their forever home. The pups were found together in Texas during the summer of 2017 and taken to a facility in Odessa. Known...

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Customer Stories

Embark Discovers Sibling Pups After Owners Submit Dog DNA Tests


Here at Embark, we take pride in our dog DNA tests and what they can do for pups and their owners. We provide insights on breed, ancestry, traits, genetic health risks. But sometimes we find something extra special, like dogs who are family. Meet sibling dogs Artie and Bo. These pups have a coefficient relationship (COR)...

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embark makeover dog

Dog Featured in Embark Today Show Segment Moves to Bavarian Alps


Remember Lissibelle? This adorable pup was part of our segment featured on the Today Show in 2017 and her owner, Rebecca Maddox, just shared an update with us. Not only has Lissibelle changed her look, but she also moved to the Alps! Rebecca wanted to complete a DNA test for Lissibelle after losing her dog...

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direwolves game of thrones
Famous Dogs

2 ‘Game of Thrones’ Dire Wolves Take Embark DNA Test


When Will Mulhall brought his two 7-week-old pups home several years ago, he had no idea they would become celebrities and garner a fan base bigger than some of their human colleagues. “I just got them to take walks on the beach and the forest near our house,” Will said. That house, where Will lives...

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Vet-approved advice for winter care for dogs can help dogs stay healthy and happy in cold weather. In this photo, a black dog stands in a snowy landscape, with visible snow in their fur. Their pink tongue sticks out slightly.
Preventive Care

Winter Care for Dogs: Keeping Your Dog Safe & Healthy This Winter


Cuddles with your furry friend are extra welcome on cold days, but the winter months also carry some unique challenges for dog health and safety. So, with the coldest weather ahead of us, we’ve put together a few winter care tips to help you keep your dog safe and healthy this winter. Five winter care...

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A mother dog and her puppy nuzzling on colorful furniture.
Bonding With Your Dog

What Dog is Best for My Lifestyle?


Have you decided to take the plunge and bring a furry companion into your heart and home? Choosing the best dog for your lifestyle is a major decision. Your future pup will require a lot of love and responsibility in addition to time, money, and commitment. With careful consideration and research, you can enjoy several...

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embark hurricane harvey

Embark Donates Profits to Help Dogs Affected by Hurricane Harvey


In 2017, Hurricane Harvey devastated many regions in Houston and the Texas Coast. The natural disaster left many people and dogs displaced and homeless. As an active member of the dog community with deep roots in Texas, we know that there are amazing shelters and volunteers helping these dogs. They were stretched to their limits...

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A wet Golden Retriever dog jumps off a dock into a lake.
Preventive Care

How to Protect Your Dog This Summer


Pool parties, festivals, hiking—summer is here. Those of us with dogs know that none of our summer activities would be complete without our four-legged pals. Here are a few scenarios with safety tips to help you and your dog make the most of this fun season. Water safety Dogs love a refreshing swim in the...

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A brown dog sits on the grass in front of a tree, surrounded by fallen leaves.
About Our Research

Where Did Dogs Come From?


Where did dogs come from? While the answer isn’t yet clear, DNA has given scientists many clues about the origin of our canine companions. What do we know about where dogs came from? As The New York Times reports, “Scientists generally agree that humanity’s best friend descended from gray wolves, scampering into our lives at...

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