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10 Tricks for Taking the Best Photos of your Dog


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In this day and age it’s all about social media. Snapping the perfect shot and sharing it with your friends seems trivial but can be oh-so fun. Especially when you have a furry best friend to model in all of your pictures! A photo opportunity can quickly turn sour without attention to detail. With these easy tricks, you will be capturing the best photos of your dog like a professional photog in no time!

Utilize your smartphone

You don’t need to invest in an expensive camera to take high-quality photos. Today, smartphones are able to take high-resolution pics that look just as good. Your smartphone has lots of settings that you can learn to take advantage of. Tap on the screen to adjust the lighting or hold down the shutter button to take a burst of photos. You can also invest in some smartphone adaptors, like this clip on lens, that upgrade your phone’s camera even further and take the best photos of your dog.

Pay attention to the background

The background of a photo can easily become distracting and ruin a good shot. According to Dogtime, nature provides the best background, so try to get outside and capture an image with a background of grass and trees. These natural colors will emphasize your dog’s features and not distract from the cuteness of your pup.

embark dog pictures

Take advantage of the light

Lighting plays a large role in photography. Zukes writes that natural light is the best, preferably at a time of day when the sun is not directly overhead. Try getting outside in the morning or late afternoon. Cloudy days can provide the best light for glowing pictures. Additionally, do your best to avoid harsh flashes or locations that cast lots of shadows.

Don’t forget to focus

It’s important to focus your camera so your viewers see exactly what you want. To focus the camera on an iPhone, just tap on the part of the image that you want to be in focus. In my opinion, the best images often have your dog in focus and the background is blurry.

Grab your dog’s attention

Use toys and treats to catch your dog’s eye. The best photos of your dog are when your pup is looking directly at the camera. If you want to get extra fancy, try out this smartphone attachment that your dog is bound to love!

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Get down to their level

Great photos show your dog from their level. Lay down in the grass with your pup or bend down so your camera is at their eye level. This way the image will show your whole dog, capturing their body and personality!

Use the close-up

Don’t be afraid to get right in the action! Get close to your dog to catch their every feature. This will create much more interesting pictures than wide-angle shots. Further, not every photo has to include your dog’s face. BarkPost suggests focusing in on their paws to capture a new angle.

Catch your pup in action

Mix it up and try photographing your pup on the move. Throw a frisbee and capture your furry friend running back to you. Give your dog a lick of peanut butter and photograph his tongue in action. Adding motion to your photos will engage your viewers and is guaranteed to rack up the likes.

Dog running picture

Get your dog used to the camera

Cameras are mysterious devices to your pup. The best way to create a dog model is to get them used to the camera. Use your phone around your dog often so they know what it is. Soon they will look directly at your phone’s camera when you take it out!

Don’t forget to edit

Even professional photographers always edit their photos. Simple editing will escalate the quality of your photos immensely. You can download a photo editing app or use the edit feature on your phone. Try using filters, adjusting the light, exposure, contrast, and sharpness until the photo looks the way you want it to.

Time to get started photographing your pup like a pro! For inspiration, be sure to check out our Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter for more dog pics and interesting stories!

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