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A Guide to Basenjis


Have you ever had a Basenji in your family before? Are you welcoming a new Basenji puppy into your home? Whether you are simply looking for more information on Basenjis or are brand new to this breed, you’ve come to the right place. This guide to Basenjis was compiled with new dog owners in mind,...

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dogs on the beach
Bonding With Your Dog

The Perfect Beach Day with Your Dog


Summer and the beach go hand-in-hand! We love spending these warm summer days laying out by the water. It’s even more fun when you can bring your dog with you! If you’re lucky enough to live close to the ocean, you probably know the ins and outs of bringing your pup to the beach. However,...

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embark lab
Customer Stories

Embark Identifies Rare Mutation in Labrador Retriever


Meet Arthur. He may look short for a Labrador Retriever, and he is, but that doesn’t affect his personality one bit. He’s a very special dog with a very special story. And as it turns out, a very rare genetic mutation identified by Embark. Arthur’s story Arthur’s fur mom Celeste Wilkinson took him in when...

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Four dogs standing in a row on a green lawn.

5 Ways to Celebrate National Dog Day


Happy National Dog Day! This is one of our favorite days of the year at Embark, and we couldn’t let it pass without a celebration. Here are our top five ways to celebrate National Dog Day. 1. Go on an outing with your dog Take advantage of the holiday by dedicating the day to your...

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embark dog from sato project
Customer Stories

Dog Rescued by Sato Project Tests With Embark


In 2015, nearly 25 dogs were transported from San Juan, Puerto Rico to New York, thanks to The Sato Project. One of those dogs, BamBam, was tested with Embark. His story was so good, we had to share! The Sato Project’s rescues Sato is a slang term for a street dog that originated in Puerto...

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bulldog with woman

QUIZ: Are You a Crazy Dog Person?


For the love of dogs, we’ve built a quiz to measure how much you love them. If you’ve made it to this quiz, chances are you’re a dog person and you know it! But how strong is your affection for doggos? Is your dog obsession at the level of running your own pup Instagram account?...

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sibling dogs
Customer Stories

Embark Connects Sibling Dogs Faith and Lulu


It’s a happy day when you’re reunited with your sibling! For Faith and Lulu, their reunion was full of licks and wags. These two sibling dogs were recently reconnected at Castle Island in Boston where they spent the afternoon playing in the water. Both dogs were from the same litter but adopted by different families...

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car ride with your pup
Bonding With Your Dog

7 Tips for Car Rides with Your Dog


In this day and age, traveling with your dog is unavoidable. Whether it’s taking your new pup on a road trip home, driving across country to move into a new house, or just heading to the veterinarian, your furry friend is along for the ride. We know that some dogs are better at traveling in...

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embark dog with glasses bowtie

Are You a Dog Breed Expert?


How well do you know your dog breeds? Do you think you’re a pro? Put your skills to the test with our dog breed knowledge quiz! Can you believe how many dog breeds there are? The American Kennel Club currently registers 197 breeds, but there are even more than that out there. Currently, Embark dog...

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related dogs
Customer Stories

Fur Mom Learns Foster and Newly Adopted Pup Are Related


Embark has done it again! We found cousin pups in our lab, but this story has an extra special angle. Chinook and Roscoe’s relatedness was only discovered in the Embark lab recently. However, these two pups have another connection besides their birth mom… their foster mom, Kelly! Let’s get to know this furry pair. Roscoe...

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embark pack of dogs

Quiz: What Breed of Dog Am I?


Is there a dog inside of you waiting to be discovered? Do you think you’ve spent SO much time with your dog that you might become them? Every dog owner wonders what it’s like to be a dog. Imagine rolling around in the grass, meeting some furry friends, and napping all day long. Sounds like...

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embark dog sounds
Training & Behavior

Dogs Sounds and What They Mean


Dog sounds are unique and each one has a different meaning. Have you ever asked yourself, “Why do dogs howl?” Or, “Why do dogs whine?” While most people are familiar with barking, many don’t understand the other dog sounds. In this post, we’ll try to figure out what our canine companions are trying to tell...

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