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QUIZ: Which Famous Christmas Movie Dog Are You?


The weeks before Christmas are a perfect time to begin watching all your favorite holiday movies with your family and friends. No matter where you celebrate the holiday season, it’s a wonderful opportunity to revisit old favorites while visiting with parents, siblings, cousins, and grandparents. Even if we happen to discover a new holiday movie,...

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pup in stocking

Make the Most of the Season With Your Pup


We believe the holidays are even more enjoyable when you share them with the furriest member of the family. That’s why we created a holiday guide that includes tips on making the most of this season with your pup! We’ve included gift ideas, safety tips, treat recommendations, and more. Activities Homemade Paw Ornaments Try these...

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embark dogs birthday celebration

A Gift Guide for Your Dog’s Birthday


Disclosure: This article contains affiliate links, meaning that Embark may receive a small commission if you make a purchase. Is your dog’s birthday right around the corner? Don’t forget to give them the celebration they deserve. At Embark we know that your furry family members’ birthdays are worth celebrating. We are here to guide you...

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sleeping pup
Dog Decoded

Do Dogs Really Dream?


We only need to watch our dogs while they sleep, to see their little, running paws or hear their muffled barks to recognize when they are dreaming. Scientists studying dogs and dog dreams have recently confirmed floating theories on a dog’s sleeping reveries. Dr. Stanley Coren, Professor Emeritus in the Department of Psychology at the...

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Party with Dog Running
Bonding With Your Dog

Dog Breed Reveal Party Ideas


It’s almost time for the big reveal! Just a few short weeks ago, you sent in your swab from the Embark Dog DNA Kit. You’ve been dying to know if Gunner’s part Aussie or Border Collie or where Luna gets those cute webbed feet — and soon all your questions will be answered. Check Out...

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Breeder Tools

New Chat Feature to Reach Out to Other Embark Breeders


  Embark’s chat feature allows you to contact other Embark users to learn more about the dogs in their profile. We are excited to announce some fresh new improvements to Embark chat that make it much easier to use.   To connect with another breeder via chat: Go to the public profile of a dog...

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Irish Wolfhound
About Our Research

Supporting Canine Health Research Helps Dogs Live Long, Healthy Lives


  Every dog owner wants their dog to live a long and healthy life. Every dog breeder wants to provide a healthy and happy puppy to its new family. Canine health depends on sound practices from purpose-bred dog breeders as well as cutting-edge scientific breakthroughs in genetic health from the research community. Working together breeders...

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Canine Health Summit Panel
Genetic Health Education

Advice on How to Avoid Common Mistakes and Pitfalls in Dog Breeding from Canine Health Summit Panelists


Many breeders find the companionship of their purebred dog so rewarding that they feel they would like to mate their dog, to continue the bloodline or keep a puppy.  The Embark Canine Health Summit was a full two day virtual event where breeders, researchers, veterinarians and dog fanciers all came together to discuss how breeding...

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Embark Canine Health Summit
Genetic Health Education

Everything You Need to Know About the Embark Canine Health Summit


On February 15th and 16th, 2021 we witnessed Embark’s inaugural canine health event. Until now, there has been no other major dog health conference focused on bringing dog breeders of all experience levels together with veterinarians and the research community. Through conversation between all these groups, researchers and veterinarians can get the insights only breeders...

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Brown and white puppy laying on the grass looking up during puppy training.

How to Train a Puppy


It’s never too early to start training your puppy. Puppies may have short attention spans, but they’re able to learn cues at very young ages. It’s a good idea to start training your puppy with skills like potty training and basic obedience as soon as they come home.  Top 5 puppy training tips We spoke...

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Bearded Collie
Genetic Health Education

Bearded Collie Genetics: Health, Traits, and COI


Learn how Embark is helping Bearded Collie breeders better understand genetic health, coat color traits, and inbreeding. What does Embark test for in Bearded Collie? Genetic health tests offered by Embark for Bearded Collies: Collie Eye Anomaly, Choroidal Hypoplasia, CEA (NHEJ1) Degenerative Myelopathy, DM (SOD1A) Learn more about these health conditions on our health page....

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Breeder Tools

Punnett Squares and Predicting Litter Outcomes


Learn how to predict potential litter genetic health risks and coat color genotypes with Dr. Adam Boyko. How can I use Punnett squares to predict litter outcomes? Knowing the genotypes of two dogs that might be bred can provide you with a wealth of information.  In this video, Embark’s Chief Science Officer explains how to...

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