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A Gift Guide for Your Dog’s Birthday


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Is your dog’s birthday right around the corner? Don’t forget to give them the celebration they deserve. At Embark we know that your furry family members’ birthdays are worth celebrating. We are here to guide you in the right direction when purchasing some puptastic birthday gifts for your dog’s birthday!

1. Pup-friendly cakes

A box of microwavable birthday cake mix for dogs next to a red bone-shaped cake pan

If you’re looking for a homemade treat for your pup’s birthday, check out this PetCakes bone-shaped cake mold for under $10. It even comes with a dog-safe cake mix that you can whip up at home and quickly make for your dog’s birthday celebration.

2. Fun with bubbles

A yellow bottle of bacon-flavored dog bubbles with a green lid.

Mix up your dog’s playtime on their birthday using bubbles! For $12, these bacon-flavored bubbles from Bacon Candy are dog safe and sure to entertain your pup! Plus this is a fun way to get the whole family involved in the celebration.

3. Dog-safe ice cream

A small tub of dog-safe ice cream mix in birthday cake flavor

Your dog is sure to love a scoop of ice cream on their birthday. Pooch Creamery ice cream is made with just five ingredients and is safe for dogs. Just add water and freeze for a delicious ice cream treat. It comes in several flavors, including birthday cake and peanut butter.

4. Toys, toys, and toys

embark dog blue birthday toy

Treat your dog with a new favorite toy for their birthday, like this slice of cake toy ($8). You could also run to the store and pick up another one of your pup’s most beloved toys.

5. Birthday apparel

Two dogs, one wearing a teal bandana that says "It's my birthday" and the other wearing a white party hat with confetti print.

A birthday celebration is not complete without a special outfit! This dog bandana and party hat bundle will look great on your pup (or a party guest). Imagine how cute the photos will turn out!

6. Puppy cookie pie

embark dog ice cream

One more treat we suggest is The Lazy Dog pup-pie. These birthday-themed dog treats are essentially one giant pie-shaped cookie. They are adorable and the perfect way to celebrate your dog’s birthday!

7. Collars and leashes

embark pink collar

Birthdays are the perfect time to upgrade your dog’s accessories. Grab a collar in a fun color or a patterned leash. Both are sure to look great on your pup. Plus your dog will enjoy all of the extra walks they take with their new look!

8. Embark Dog DNA Test Kit

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This guide wouldn’t be complete without an Embark dog DNA test! Knowledge of your furry friend’s breed, health, and traits are priceless. Your pup will benefit from the best care when you have a complete understanding of their needs and history.

Happy celebrating! Don’t forget to connect with us on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter for more exciting stories.


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