Ehlers Danlos

skin & connective tissue

Ehlers Danlos is a disorder of collagen production leading to stretchy, hyper-elastic skin and loose joints.

  • Signs and symptoms

    Affected puppies have very elastic and stretchy skin and hyper-mobile joints. They are injury prone and skin can be severely torn following even minor injuries.

    Signs are first recognized in puppies.

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  • Diagnosis

    Genetic testing, clinical signs, and skin biopsy can all be used to diagnose this condition.

  • Treatment

    Unfortunately, there is no treatment for this condition.

  • What to do if your dog is at risk


    • Follow your veterinarian's recommendations and give any medications as prescribed.
    • Try to minimize the potential for injury or trauma as much as possible.

  • Genetic Information

    This mutation was first described in a Doberman.

    This mutation has an autosomal recessive inheritance, meaning that dogs must have two copies of the mutation in order to show clinical signs.

    Gene names:

    ADAMTS2 ‐ chr

    Inheritance type:


  • Breeds affected

    This health condition affects the following breeds

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