Juvenile Laryngeal Paralysis and Polyneuropathy

Brain and Spinal Cord

This inherited form of laryngeal paralysis affects puppies. However, multiple other symptoms (or no symptoms at all) may be present.

  • Signs and symptoms

    Due to weakening or paralysis of the laryngeal muscles, puppies often have difficulty breathing during heavy exercise or high stress; this is often accompanied by changes in their bark tone and sound. Affected puppies are also at greater risk of developing aspiration pneumonia. As the disease progresses, hind leg incoordination or weakness often occurs, and can spread to the front legs.

    Puppies affected with JLPP tend to show signs as early as 3 months of age.

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  • Diagnosis

    Genetic testing, clinical signs, and sedation to visualize the larynx are all used to diagnose this disorder.

  • Treatment

    There are surgical corrections that can help dogs affected with laryngeal paralysis. Aspiration pneumonia, however, remains a risk and must be treated aggressively when it does occur.

  • What to do if your dog is at risk


    • Please consult with your veterinarian about the best treatment and monitoring plan.

  • Genetic Information

    Note: Although Embark has identified the RAB3GAP1 mutation in multiple breeds, the syndrome of JLPP has only been characterized in Rottweilers and Black Russian Terriers. This supports potential breed-related effects or other genetic factors that could impact clinical disease.

    This disease is inherited in an autosomal recessive manner, meaning that affected dogs must have two copies of the mutation to show clinical signs.

    Gene names:

    RAB3GAP1 ‐ chr

    Inheritance type:


  • Breeds affected

    This health condition affects the following breeds

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