Ligneous Membranitis, LM


A rare chronic disease that affects the delicate lining of the nostrils, mouth, throat, and eyelids.Eventually the chronic inflammation leads to thickening and scarring of the affected tissues. The same processes can affect the inner linings of the heart and central nervous system, which can lead to permanent heart and brain damage. LM is caused by a mutation in the gene coding for plasminogen, which plays an important role in dissolving fibrin blood clots.

  • Signs and symptoms

    Affected dogs often have chronic nasal discharge, conjunctivitis, and coughing.

    Signs typically develop in puppies.

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  • Diagnosis

    Genetic and laboratory testing along with clinical signs are used to diagnose this disease.

  • Treatment

    LM is a devastating disease and requires aggressive and continuous replacement of plasminogen with medically available blood products. Euthanasia is often elected.

  • What to do if your dog is at risk


    • Currently, there are no actions you can take at home to alter this disease.
    • Talk with your veterinarian about diagnostic and monitoring steps that you can take together.

  • Genetic Information

    This mutation was first described in the Scottish Terrier.

    This disease is inherited in an autosomal recessive manner, meaning that a dog must have two copies of the mutation to be affected.

    Gene names:

    PLG ‐ chr

    Inheritance type:


  • Breeds affected

    This health condition affects the following breeds

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