Illustration courtesy of the Swedish Kennel Club

The Affenpinscher is often called the monkey dog. These tiny guys are from Germany, where they were originally bred as ratters. More recently they have become status dogs, where they are more likely to be seen in the lap of a celebrity than catching vermin. Affenpinschers can be difficult to train, but they make for loyal and entertaining companions.

Fun Fact

Affenpinscher translates to “monkey terrier” in German.

  • About the Affenpinscher

    The Affenpinscher is a small dog out of Germany. They were originally used to catch rats, which they were very good at due to their size. During the early 1900’s the breed caught the eye of many wealthy ladies. Their role quickly changed from rat-hunter to pampered pooch. World War II hindered the breeding of these dogs in America, but it quickly picked up during the 50’s. While these dogs are very affectionate and entertaining, they can be very difficult to train. Housebreaking can be a particular challenge. They do make great apartment dwellers where they can get all the exercise they need running around the house. The Affenpinscher is often considered to have a hypoallergenic coat. Due to their very small size, they aren’t recommended to be around young children where they can accidentally be injured. It is said that you don’t train an Affenpinscher, you befriend one.
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