Afghan Hound

Illustration courtesy of the Swedish Kennel Club

The Afghan Hound is a head-turning dog that is as old as they come. These dogs are a sight to behold when reaching top speed with all that hair blowing in the wind. They can make devoted companions with solid but gentle training

Fun Fact

Legend has it that the Afghan Hound was the dog rescued on Noah’s Ark.

  • About the Afghan Hound

    The Afghan Hound is a regal, ancient sighthound that is believed to predate Christianity. These dogs can reach speeds up to 40 mph, which is why they were used to hunt gazelle, deer, and leopards. This is a breed that will chase any small moving object. While their origin may be buried by history, the first records of these dogs are found in Afghanistan. Over the years the Afghan Hound has enticed royalty, movie stars, and high fashion. This is a breed that requires intensive daily exercise and their iconic coat needs frequent grooming. Afghan Hounds are sensitive dogs with a low pain tolerance. These guys are very loyal and devoted to their owners. They can make wonderful companions given the proper training.
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