Australian Terrier

Illustration courtesy of the Swedish Kennel Club

Australian Terriers are a spirited little breed from -- you guessed it -- Australia. Australian Terriers, or “Aussies” as they’re sometimes called, were the first native breed to be officially recognized by Australia. Others around the world fell in love with the breed’s plucky and affectionate nature, and they were soon imported to other countries. Aussies are people-oriented dogs and like being involved in family activities.

Fun Fact

Australian Terriers, like other dog breeds, favor their left or right paw – just like humans!

  • About the Australian Terrier

    The Australian Terrier has upright ears and a rough, shaggy coat. Jumping into life with attitude, they are tenacious, independent, hardworking, and lively. Strongly attached to his family, they often match their mood to yours. If you've got the blues, they are calm and quiet ... if you're happy and excited, they turns frisky and playful. Though they are small, they have the confidence of a large breed, which comes in handy as a wonderful watchdog. Intelligent, this breed takes well to training... just don't allow them to develop bad habits! Beware their terrier instincts dig in the yard and to chase small animals — including squirrels, rabbits, mice, and cats. One of the most sensible and least demanding of the terriers, the Australian is nonetheless as hardy and spunky as the rest. Beware with other dogs of the same gender, as they might tussle!

    The national terrier of Australia, this is one of the smallest of the working terriers, and the first native breed to be recognized and shown in Australia. Beginning in Tasmania, the earliest efforts at breeding a native rough-coated terrier soon spread to Victoria on the mainland, and then on to the other Australian states. They were fast, sturdy, weather-resistant and fearless little dogs that the settlers needed as they expanded the frontiers of their country. An all-purpose companion, these dogs killed vermin and snakes, controlled livestock, and sounded the alarm at intruders. Heritage breeds of the Aussie terrier include the Skye, Dandie Dinmont, Scotch, Yorkshire and Manchester terriers.
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