Berger Picard

Illustration courtesy of the Swedish Kennel Club

The Berger Picard is a rare and ancient French sheepdog. This is an athletic and active breed with a very personable face. With daily exercise, these guys can make great companions!

Fun Fact

Berger Picards sadly became almost extinct after World Wars I and II. Today there are only around 3,500 Picards left in France.

  • About the Berger Picard

    The Berger Picard is the oldest of the French sheepdogs and is fairly new to America. They were only added to the AKC in 2016! It is believed that the Celts brought them over to France around 800 AD. This is an active and athletic breed that has been herding sheep for hundreds of years. Their shaggy wiry coat surprisingly requires less grooming and maintenance than one would think. Picards are highly intelligent and respond well to training. These guys play well with kids and can make great family additions.
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