Brussels Griffon

Illustration courtesy of the Swedish Kennel Club

The Brussels Griffon is a rare toy breed that hails from Belgium. These dogs have big personalities and make wondeful family pets when given proper training. This breed comes in both a smooth and wire coat.

Fun Fact

The demand for Brussels Griffons exploded after one was featured in the Jack Nicholson movie, As Good As It Gets.

  • About the Brussels Griffon

    The Brussels Griffon is a rare little guy that comes bursting with personality. They were developed in 19TH century Belgium to catch rats in the stable. This breed quickly climbed in status and become the companions of Belgian nobility. The Belgian Griffon, while small, can be quite hyperactive. They make wonderful family pets, but training must begin at an early age to combat stubbornness. Their bushy beards and upturned faces make them a real looker.
  • Health Conditions

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