Cane Corso

Illustration courtesy of the Swedish Kennel Club

Cane Corsos are strong working dogs, also acting as loyal and protective companion dogs.

Fun Fact

The Cane Corso is seen as the most athletic of the Mastiff-type dogs, excelling in agility and speed.

  • About the Cane Corso

    The Cane Corso is a Mastiff-type dog that likely descended from Roman war dogs. They were bred in Italy to function as a guard dog and to hunt large game, while also fulfilling general farmland tasks. As farming changed and became more mechanized in the 20th century, Cane Corso numbers declined hugely. However, the breed avoided extinction and was rebuilt in the 1970s. While first entering the USA in the late 80s, this breed wasn’t officially recognized by the AKC until 2010.

    The Cane Corso is physically impressive, boasting a muscular shape and possessing great strength. This is an intelligent breed that requires mental stimulation as well as plenty of exercise. They have a strong personality that can see them try be dominant with their owner, so training them while young is important to avoid this happening when they are fully grown and more difficult to control. The Cane Corso has a short coat which makes it relatively easy to maintain - although their size can make brushing a time consuming task. The Cane Corso is ranked as the 35t most popular breed.
  • Health Conditions

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