Formosan Mountain Dog

Illustration courtesy of the Swedish Kennel Club

Formosan Mountain Dogs hail from the Formosan Mountain region in Taiwan. Recently, some of these ancient dogs were used as foundational stock to create the Taiwan Dog breed.

Fun Fact

As an ancient type of dog, the Formosan Mountain Dog sometimes shares some interesting characteristics with other primitive type dogs, such as having one heat cycle a year.

  • About the Formosan Mountain Dog

    The Formosan Mountain Dog has an interesting history! This type of dog is native to the Formosan Mountain region of Taiwan (which is why they're sometimes referred to as Taiwan Dogs). Formosan Mountain Dogs are genetically related to East Asian Village Dogs, as they're both landrace dogs that don't have appreciable recent ancestry from purebred dog breeds. These are some of the most ancient domestic dogs around, as they're derived from one of the first populations of dogs in existence. Interestingly, a subset of Formosan Mountain Dogs was used to establish an AKC breeding population, and the Taiwan Dog breed is quickly gaining recognition.

    These ancient dogs can vary considerably in appearance and behavior, but they tend to have a "primitive" look to them with brown, brindle, or black coats, and pointy ears. They have not been bred for uniformity to the extent that most dog breeds have and, in many cases, have had other types of dogs crossed into their lines to save them from extinction (during several periods in their history, the native population of Formosan Mountain Dogs has severely dwindled in number). This means they can come in many colors and coat types-- even long-coated or furnished! They're well-adapted to surviving on their own in their native Taiwan, but they can also make great companions, too.

    Formosan Mountain Dogs tend to have somewhat aloof personalities and can be loyal and protective of their humans. Many are affectionate with their families, and they can be trained to be good companions to other animals in the household (especially if introduced to them from puppyhood). Like many types of village dogs, Formosan Mountain Dogs are noted for their intelligence.

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