Kai Ken

Illustration courtesy of the Swedish Kennel Club

The Kai Ken is one of the original Japanese dog breeds. These hunting dogs are athletic and have extreme persistence when on the trail. They can make wonderful family pets, getting along with children and other animals, if properly socialized.

Fun Fact

It is believed that the Kai Ken is the purest of all Japanese dogs due to the remote area it is from.

  • About the Kai Ken

    The Kai Ken is a spitz-type hunting dog from Japan. These dogs are considered to be the oldest breed from Japan, originating from the Province of Kai on the island of Honshu. They were primarily used to hunt boar and deer. Kai Kens can still be very primitive in nature, so early and constant socialization is massively important. They make great watchdogs, often being very reserved around strangers. It is important to note they are very loyal to their family. In general, these dogs are friendly and delightful to be around. Kai Kens are good with children and do not generally display aggression towards other dogs. These are active dogs, but they can make for good apartment dwellers so long as they receive adequate exercise. They have a medium-length coat that is usually black or brindle. Kai Kens are extraordinarily clean dogs and only require occasionally grooming to combat shedding.
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