New Guinea Singing Dog

Illustration courtesy of the Swedish Kennel Club

The New Guinea Singing Dog is the rarest breed in the world. These dogs have very ancient origins and share a strong resemblance to the Australian dingo.

  • About the New Guinea Singing Dog

    The New Guinea Singing Dog is regarded as the rarest breed in the world. These guys were discovered by explorers in New Guinea during the 1800’s. Part of the reason they are so rare is that dogs brought by explorers bred with the Singing Dog, diluting the purebred numbers. These dogs are close relatives of some of the first dogs domesticated from Asian wolves almost 15,000 years ago. These guys get their “singing” title from their impressive ability to change the pitch of their howl. They are quite vocal and love to demonstrate this skill. Singing Dogs have a very strong prey drive and are excellent hunters. They have an cat-like, flexible spine that allows them to climb trees to catch birds and rodents. These dogs require a lot of exercise and training may be difficult, so they are not recommended for novice owners. But with firm and patient hand, these dingo-like canines can be loyal pets.
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