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Norwich Terrier

Norwich Terrier

The Norwich Terrier originated as a ratter on farms but moved up in the world to bolt foxes from their dens during hunts. Today he’s an amusing companion who serves double duty by keeping your home and yard free of rats and other vermin.

About this Breed

The Norwich Terrier is a breed originating in the United Kingdom, and was bred to hunt small vermin or rodents. With a friendly personality, Norwich Terriers are today mostly a companion dog breed. One of the smallest terriers, these dogs are generally healthy, but are relatively rare, due in part to their low litter size and the common need for caesarian sections. The old cliché about a “big dog in a small package” was coined for breeds like the Norwich terrier. Norwich can be oblivious to the fact that they’re just ten inches tall. They are a medium energy breed that is a natural hunter and is curious about the world around them. A Norwich demands human companionship. They are easy to train, as most Norwich will offer any desired behavior for a food treat. Norwich are portable and are adaptable to different situations making the breed ideal for either the city or country lifestyle.


Male: 9.4-10in

Female: 9.4-10in


Male: 11-12lb

Female: 11-12lb

Fun Fact

The Norwich Terrier's pricked ears are the primary characteristic that distinguishes them from the Norfolk Terrier.

Favorite Names

For Males

  1. Abbedale Earl Of Sammywich
  2. Albert
  3. Butty
  4. Brait Nouz Jazzman
  5. Bunratty's Dust Devil
  6. Bunratty's Partner In Crime
  7. Belleville Just For Effect
  8. Camio's Charred Oak
  9. Camio's Educated Exemplar
  10. Abbedale Life Of Riley At Glengariff

For Females

  1. Abbedale Take Two at Taliesin
  2. Amblegreen Dark Matter
  3. Amblegreen Dralion Hot Blonde
  4. Amblegreen Trouble's Brewn
  5. Belleville Last Waltz
  6. Bitsy Arte Cassari
  7. Breakaway's In The Know
  8. Cali
  9. Coventrys Blackberry Pi
  10. Abbedale Brass In Pocket

Common Locations

  1. Illinois, United States
  2. California, United States
  3. Maryland, United States
  4. Florida, United States
  5. Kentucky, United States
  6. Idaho, United States
  7. Georgia, United States
  8. Michigan, United States
  9. Pennsylvania, United States
  10. Washington, United States

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